What is PlanetSpark?

Wed, 05 Apr, 2017 by Gaurav

Hello, I am sure that you are excited to know more about PlanetSpark and what is it all about. So, let’s begin.


PlanetSpark is an after-school Maths and English learning program for pre teen kids between Grades 2nd to 7th.


PlanetSpark partners with qualified homemakers who are passionate about teaching, have a great personality, skills, and relevant teaching experience and turns them into “Teach from Home” Mompreneurs.

The Teachers are trained to start their own home based learning centers that are fully powered by PlanetSpark Content, Marketing, and Technology.

Hence, it is a perfect platform for a homemaker who wants to give wings to her dreams of teaching children from home while balancing her family life! 

If you are a Homemaker and you are looking for starting your home based learning-planet, apply now at https://www.planetspark.in/be_a_teacher.

If you are a Parent looking for Gurgaon's BEST after school learning program, book a FREE TRIAL class today at https://www.planetspark.in/#book-a-demo

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