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Sat, 09 Oct, 2021

Business development and Sales have become go-to jobs for freshers - But are they really worth it?

Business development (sales), in the last couple of years, has become a commonly used term. The industry itself is seeing the boom of a lifetime, with rumours circling around the work culture and the astronomical 6-7 figure salaries for freshers.

With so much happening around the sector, let this 3 minute read help you more with your perspective.

Let’s talk work

Business development encompasses a wide scope of ideas, activities, and initiatives that a business owner and management implement with the goal of making the business better.

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Successful business development impacts every department within a company, including sales, marketing, manufacturing, human resources, accounting, finance, product development, and vendor management.

The work of a business development team isn't easy. Without sales, your business won't survive. The job of a business development leader is a constant struggle between encouraging quality performance and pushing their subordinates towards new targets and goals. While that’s that, a leader has to ensure the team is not burning out and is cared for.

The Scope of work be like

As a sales representative, one is supposed to know how to talk, what to talk and when to talk. If you know how to market yourself you can market anything!

Business Development is an amazing way to start your career. You must be thinking why?

Well, being a sales representative, you will get to travel a lot, meet new people, take initiatives you haven't before and master the art of communication. You will end up becoming a better version of yourself.

There is immense scope in the profile of BD representative, manager, executive and so on. You will be directly contributing to increasing the company' revenues.

With the increasing level of globalisation across the world, the scope of business development will keep increasing!

The BD (Sales) Craze

As simple as that, Business Development is a rewarding and challenging career choice.

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Not stuck at one place with a bunch of papers to work upon? Have you always wanted to do something which involved interactions and conversations?

Business Development is the answer you are looking for.

Are the rumours true?

Recent research reveals false rumours really do travel faster and further than the truth.

Jokes apart.

No, the rumours are not entirely true, but they aren't entirely hear-say too. After all, there is no smoke without fire.

Finding an aggressive and competitive work environment is common in almost all departments, for sales it might be a little more cutthroat, but we wouldn't bet our money on the rumours spread around.

The corporate realm, perhaps over anything, carries the baggage of unceasing rumours and false information all around.

In today's fierce competition, one must be one step ahead of all the rumours around.

Coming back to the point, the rumours are partially true. Yes, the general environment in sales is somewhat aggressive but humans have a tendency to exaggerate.

But where there are pros, there are cons.

You will have strict goals that you have to meet. It will activate your ambitious side and sometimes, you will find yourself working on odd hours on strange days.

In conversation with Nitish Bhardwaj - AVP Sales at PlanetSpark

It is often said that the job of a sales representative creates a lot of pressure on a person and therefore leads to mental and physical exhaustion but in reality, it is more about self-motivation than pressure. As mentioned above, being a sales representative activates one’s ambitious side.

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Nitish further added “People themselves want to work hard towards their goals. They are willing to go that extra mile to achieve their targets.

At PlanetSpark the culture is very rewarding. We have an on-spot promotion policy that we follow. The targets are drafted very clearly and employees are happy and willing to work hard to achieve them.”

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With freedom and flexibility from being away from the regular 9-5 desk job, you are out there on your own. Your exposure to management becomes limited. Daily interaction with colleagues can take a step back. It can become a little lonely.

But is it worthwhile?

Only you can answer that.

In a nutshell

The more informed you are, the fewer surprises will come your way and you will be better prepared to do well.

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Making a career choice is not an easy decision to make. A wonderful and happy job to someone can be I-am-trapped-here for another.

Look within yourself and become aware of what your strengths are and where you could truly excel.

Now that you know the ground reality of business development, you can perhaps form an opinion of your own.

In the corporate world, rumours are not a surprise and it's better to be two, or maybe three steps ahead of the whispers that may come across your ears.

Always remember to resonate yourself to a job as well, before going for it, what might be perfect for others, might not be the most exemplary experience you'll have and vice versa.

Good luck!

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