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Sat, 25 Sep, 2021

How working in a startup can help you grow faster?

Looking to start your career and can’t decide whether you should join an MNC or a startup? Don’t you worry, you’re not alone and here is why. One of the biggest dilemma that freshers face when starting their career is “What kind of an organisation should I start my work-journey with?”

Well, sit back and relax as this 5 min read helps you clear your head.

Post Covid-19, trends and regimes have taken a turn. Some sectors saw a huge boom while some decade old organisations took the sack. So, how does one decide the kind of dynamics they want to start nurturing themselves with? There isn’t a perfect answer to this question, but we got a lot many reasons for an individual to kick off their career with a startup.

Become more than your KRAs

Mostly in giant MNCs and conglomerates, entry level or fresher level jobs restrict creativity, entails work that has next to value, and takes a toll on an individual (not necessarily) without any experience since these jobs are extremely demanding (not always). While in a startup, usually you’re more independent, you’ve bigger responsibilities and (more often than not) you need to take calls.

Your inputs are valued more

Since most of the startups are a small team size and don’t fly around in turnover of millions, effort with a little bit of return is given a lot of value. Basically, your efforts will get your work noticed faster in startups than worldwide giants. Startups also allow one to come up with initiatives, and lead them tool, which turns out to be quite very beneficial for an individual looking for personal as well as professional growth.

You learn decision making

In conglomerates and MNCs, mostly you work on instructions of your reporting manager, every decision you make has to be run through them. But, that is not the case with startups, here you usually offer a freehand, the freedom to make decisions and even make difficult calls which is extremely rare in giant companies at entry-level.

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You’re closely associated with the top management

“Another brick in the wall” is the term that comes to mind while working in a huge company, being on one of the lowest levels of a giant company usually leads to efforts unrecognised. Whereas startups usually are quite very close knit, and working and getting feedback straight from the founder is fairly regular in startups.

You’ll learn how to collaborate

In startups, usually, employees collaborate together with each other to come up with initiatives, whereas in MNCs, work is usually delegated to an individual. Instead of collaborating, MNCs follow the dynamics of individuality and resistance.

We explored more & spoke to our New Team Members!

In conversation with Wajahat Mir, Middle East Team and Jobel George, India Team to delve deep into how working in a startup can help you grow faster.


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Jobel George bagged a promotion in less than 6 months and mentioned that the most challenging part about working in a startup is going through the learning curve and keeping yourself motivated throughout. While at the same time Wajahat Mir (who bagged a double promotion in less than 6 months) mentioned, for him working in a startup is amazing as there is no limit to how far one can climb the success ladder. There is so much to learn and discover.

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Wajahat further added, "As Jobel mentioned, motivation is the key. There are going to be ups and downs but what matters is that you don't allow the obstacle that come in your way to define your journey ahead. Keeping the consistency game in place, makes all the difference.", he insisted.


To Never Say No

One of the things that make Wajahat and Jobel extraordinary is their ability to never give up and to never say no. The varied experience that you gain working in a startup is quite valuable. It will help expand your knowledge outside of your original remit, opportunities for learning and growth abound. Founders and their teams work-closely, so you learn from the best & that too up-close. This lets you extend your insight outside of the KRAs, opportunities for learning and development proliferate.

In a nutshell,

We recommend startups because of the many advantages they offer over MNCs, MNCs usually have their name as their USP, as for startups, it’s everything else. With proper research, a clear mind and willingness to succeed, nobody can stop you from reaching your personal goals!

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Choosing the kind of organization you want to kick start your career with, is a decision of phenomenal significance, one should consider all the factors possible before choosing a career path. One can be this, other definitely is culture. To know more about it, read it here, as Surbhi Sharma - HRBP at PlanetSpark, talks about 5 ways to build a positive work culture.

Meanwhile, when you make up your mind to start your journey to impeccable growth with a startup, please note WE ARE HIRING! We’re looking for passionate youngsters with the zeal to shape the next generation of confident public speakers and creative writers.

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