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Fri, 26 Feb, 2021

Activities to Improve Writing Skills in Kids

writing activities for kids

Writing skills are fundamental to ensure kids’ success when they grow up. But how to make them develop and improve this mandatory skill when they take writing activities as a task. The answer is simple – turn learning into play; make it fun.

Here are the 7 most creative writing activities that your kid may love:

1. Writing shopping lists –

Asking your kid to write a shopping or grocery list can be an exciting creative writing activity that entails a lot of learning. Parents interact with their kids and teach them about items used in daily life, such as bread, toiletries, fruits, vegetables, etc. This also helps with spelling.

2. Writing letters –

Hand-written letters may sound old school, but they are one of the most fun, creative writing activities that can create a genuine interest in children for reading and writing. Start with helping them write informal letters to their friends or family, and then move to formal letters.

3. Secret Pictionary –

Word games improve kids’ vocabulary. If they find the game fun and engaging, they will also try to use these words more frequently in creative writing. Secret Pictionary is a great creative writing activity that your children would love. Secret Pictionary can be played with three or more children. Here’s how:

       a. The first kid writes a phrase on a piece of paper, folds it, and passes it to the next kid.

       b. The next kid draws a picture based on the phrase folds the paper and passes it to the next one.

       c. The third kid then writes a phrase based on their perception of the picture folds the paper, and passes it on to the next player if any.

       d. At the end of the game, all the pages are unfolded at the end to reveal a funny story.

4. Vocabulary story challenge –

This is one of the best writing activities that parents can use to inculcate creative writing love in their children. Here’s how this game can be played:

       1. Give your kid a new word and explain its meaning.

       2. Now ask them to write a story around this word. You can also ask them to include sketches or drawings if they’re a visual learner.

5. Writing personalized birthday messages –

This is a creative writing activity that most children participate in willingly. It improves the writing and story-telling skills in children and teaches them to express affection to family and friends.

It’s a great idea to ask them to make the letters as detailed as possible. You can help them initially by giving ideas and then slowly letting them do it on their own.

6. Comic strip dialogue writing –

Kids love cartoons and superheroes, which is why dialogue writing in comic strips can be a fabulous writing activity that will get their creative juices flowing.

       a. Just print out a comic strip with blank bubbles for dialogues.

       b. And ask kids to make the conversation and the story interesting.

7. Essay challenge –

An essay challenge is one of the most immersive writing activities that help children learn quickly. Give them easy essay topics around their favorite activities so that they don’t lose interest.

Hope this helped! Try out these fun creative writing activities with your kids and see them growing.