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Fri, 07 Jan

12 Inspirational Animal Stories for Kids

Wonderful things happen when we read children's stories – kids get a far better understanding of people and other worldviews. The best part of having animals in stories for children is that animal fiction goes to places that other stories can't. In this changing, confusing world, animal stories give a sense of stability and changelessness. Moreover, these stories for children have underlying principles about love, truth, righteousness, mutual respect, etc.

Enjoy this collection of uplifting, inspiring, heartwarming, and humorous short animal stories here.

  1. The Hare and the Tortoise
    An overconfident hare accepts the challenge of a tortoise to a race. As soon as the race begins, the hare runs as fast as he can. Soon after, he gets tired and decides to rest under a tree, sure that the tortoise won't be able to catch up with him. However, the tortoise continues to walk slowly, determined to reach the finish line. When the hare wakes up, he is shocked to find out that the slow tortoise has won the race.

    Value to Learn: Slow and steady wins the race.
  2. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
    This is a timeless tale of a wolf having a tough time hunting a sheep for food. He uses sheepskin to disguise himself and fools the sheep to think of him as their own. The fox then leads the sheep to a corner and eats them all, one by one.

    Value to Learn: Appearances can be deceptive.
  3. The Fisherman and the LittleFish
    This animal tale for kids is about a fisherman whose livelihood depends on his daily catch. One day he catches a small fish. The fish pleads to the fishermen to let him go as he, being a small fish, is not profitable. The fish tells the fishermen that he can catch him later when he is big so that he can fetch a bigger profit. The wise fisherman doesn't let the fish go and tells the fish that he will not give up a definite profit for the one that doesn't exist.

    Value to Learn: Don't forgo a certain profit for an uncertain one.
  4. The Ugly Duckling
    A farmer's duck lays ten eggs. When the eggs hatch, nine ducklings are born looking like their mom, and the tenth one looks big, grey and ugly. The other nine ducklings make fun of the ugly one. Unhappy, the ugly duckling runs to a nearby river where he sees beautiful, white swans. Scared and lost, he decides to drown himself. But when he sees his reflection in the water, he realises he was not an ugly duckling at all but a beautiful swan.

    Value to Learn: You don't need to meet the ideals of beauty. You are beautiful just the way you are.
  5. The Fox and the Grapes
    It's a hot summer day, and a thirsty fox sees a bunch of ripened grapes as he is passing through an orchard. To quench his thirst, he decides to eat the grapes. He moves back a few paces, runs as fast as he can, and jumps to reach the grapes. But he fails to get hold of the grapes. He makes several attempts to reach the bunch of grapes but fails every time. He finally gives up, consoling himself that the grapes are sour and hence not worth the effort.

    Value to Learn: Do your best to succeed. If you fail, accept defeat graciously, and don't try to lay the blame on others for your failures.
  6. The Crow and the Pitcher
    A thirsty crow finds a pitcher with little water in it. The water is so little that his beak doesn't reach it. Using his wit, he starts putting stones in the pitcher until the water comes up. The clever crow uses ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve his problem and fly away.

    Value to Learn: Don't give up easily. Use whatever resources you have to solve your problems.
  7. The Lion and the Boar
    On a hot summer day, a lion and a boar go to the river to drink water. They start arguing and fighting about who should drink first. When they become tired and breathless, they notice vultures hovering over them, waiting to feast on whoever is defeated. The lion and the boar then decides to patch up and drink the water together.

    Value to Learn: There are people waiting to take advantage of your defeat.
  8. The Ant and the Grasshopper
    A grasshopper sings and dances, enjoying a beautiful day. He sees the ant carrying a heavy corn kernel to its nest. The grasshopper asks the ant to join him for fun. The ant rejects the offer saying that she is busy preparing for the winter when the food is scarce. The grasshopper brushes away the thought, saying that when the present is so beautiful, why bother thinking about the future. But when the winter comes, the grasshopper has no food to survive, but the ant enjoys the corn in the warmth of her nest.

    Value to Learn: It's best to be proactive and prepare for what's coming.
  9. Who Will Bell the Cat?
    A horde of mice gathers to discuss their common enemy – the cat. A lot of ideas come up, but none are good enough to beat the cat. A young mouse comes up with the suggestion of tying a bell around the cat's neck. To that, a wise mouse asked, "A brilliant suggestion! But who will bell the cat?"

    Value to Learn: Some suggestions are easy to propose but difficult to implement.
  10. An Ass in Lion's Skin
    This classic animal story for kids is about an ass who finds a lion's skin that the hunters had left to dry. He wears the skin and roams around, scaring animals and people on his way. He takes pride in himself and brays loudly in delight. His braying gives his identity up, and everyone gives him a good beating for frightening them.

    Value to Learn: A fool may disguise his appearance, but his words can reveal his true self.
  11. The Fox Without a Tail
    This animal story is about a fox whose tail gets caught in a hunter's trap. He panics and tries to free his tail by pulling it as hard as he can. In the attempt, he loses his tail. Afraid that he'll be laughed at, he comes up with a plan. He calls for a meeting to tell the other foxes that tails are useless and they should get rid of them. The chief fox responds, "You wouldn't have asked us to get rid of our tails if you hadn't lost yours."

    Value to Learn: Do not listen to people who seek to lower you to their level.
  12. The Two Goats
    Two goats are at either end of a weak and narrow bridge. They want to cross it, but neither is ready to make way for the other. They both walk to the centre of the bridge and start fighting about who should cross the bridge first. As they fight, the bridge breaks, and both the goats fall into the river.

    Value to Learn: It's better to yield than let stubbornness be the cause of your misfortune.

Animal stories for kids help children build a strong moral character, teach them important life lessons, and instill virtues in them. This collection of animal stories for children enhances your child's verbal proficiency, encourages creativity and imparts good values to take life head-on.