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Tue, 21 Dec, 2021

Online Language Learning: 8 Surprising Benefits

The world is changing and so are people’s expectations. Nobody had expected that we would spend most of our time practising social distancing and staying at home almost all day, but here we are.

While adapting to the new normal, everyone started creating alternate ways to add convenience to their lives. Everything started becoming more online-based. This is how online teaching came into existence.

As parents, you might have been aware of online learning before, but it might be only now that your eyes are opened to how deep it actually goes. The internet is there for your advantage, so use it to the maximum extent.

Since online learning has been on a roll, admission in online language courses has also spiked. Language learning has never been more vital than now in this high-developing and competitive world as it boosts confidence.

Internet invention has made the overall process of language learning easier by adding comfort and convenience. Apart from this, there are other benefits that we will discuss today.

Online Learning Benefits

1. Variety of courses, languages & teachers

From riding the K-wave with the Korean language to learning Hawaiian, your child gets access to all kinds of languages from around the world.

Even traditional classes enable enrollment into different language programs, but it is not available everywhere. Sometimes you may have to travel far for it, or you don’t always find a proper instructor, courses, or their timings are not suitable.

Online language learning enables your child to select any desired courses, take up as many courses as they want, pick up suitable timings and teachers.

2. Convenience of location

You no longer have to worry about the location and deal with the trouble of syncing your schedule with your child’s just to drop them at their language class because the internet is available at your fingertips.

3. Budget-friendly

To take up an online language learning course, all you will need is access to the internet, a laptop or a smartphone, a camera and headphones that mostly everyone owns nowadays.

You only pay for the online course with no travelling expenses, while online study material is free or sometimes included in the course package.

4. Chance to learn from the native speakers

Native speakers of any language have a deeper understanding of the language. For example, if your child learns Korean from someone whose mother tongue is not Korean, they will miss out on local slang, idioms, dialects, etc.

They can teach them proper pronunciation and accents. Your child gains knowledge of history and culture that non-native speakers might not be aware of.

5. Provides flexibility

Online language learning provides flexibility. The teacher can transfer study materials, images, videos, documents, links to free resources, etc., to exemplify meanings and make concepts clear to kids.

Online classes can provide more control over scheduling time, and your child can access it from anywhere. So if your child is stuck between his school and extra-curricular activities, you can schedule a time that will suit their needs.

6. Customised learning

Most offline courses have a fixed curriculum which is suitable for some kids. But there are a few that will need guidance for particular segments.

For example, let’s say your child has already crossed A1 German and is now looking for A2 German classes. Or maybe your child is already aware of the basic German language but now wants to explore more. Enrolling in online language learning classes will fulfil such particular needs.

There are tailor-made classes available for such custom situations. Not only can your child progress at their own pace, but they can also get more help on their weak topics.

7. Can learn lesser-known languages

Is your child willing to learn Scandinavian languages? Finding language learning classes for Dutch is difficult even in tier 1 and 2 cities.

It is difficult to find teachers for less taught languages. Online learning resources can come to your rescue.

8. Improvement in the below skills

Apart from the above benefits, your child can also improve the below-mentioned skills:


Through video calls, your child can have conversations with their classmates, just like any other physical classroom, and sharpen up their speaking skills.


Your child can sharpen his listening skills by watching videos on YouTube, gaining knowledge on and listening to various podcasts. If your child does not understand a part of the video, he can utilise the subtitles button and clarify his doubts.


Reading enhances your child’s vocabulary. With the availability of many online reading materials such as articles and ebooks, your child can gain immense knowledge on whatever subject they are interested in.


Countless online writing tools can help your child improve their writing skills. Online writing tools like Google Docs or Google Slides will help your child collaborate with their classmates on writing projects and presentations in real-time.

Get Started With Online Learning for Kids

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