10 Best Books for Building Confidence in Your Kids

Thu, 21 Oct by Kunal

Confidence is a quality that can be learned, and it’s easiest to imbibe it in childhood. If you teach confidence and self-esteem to kids early on, you help build a strong foundation for their life. You can do that with the help of various books on confidence available in the market. But which one to pick? Well, here is the list of 10 best books for building confidence in kids

  1. Remarkably You

    Written by Pat Zietlow Miller and Illustrated by Patrice Barton
    The book conveys the message to kids that each of you is remarkably unique, wonderful, and talented. And “Remarkably you” does that with the help of pitch-perfect rhyming verses, which intrigues kids.
  2. Giraffe Problems

    Written by Jory John and Illustrated by Lane Smith
    The protagonist of the story is a giraffe who is cautious about his long neck. But some interesting turn of events made him realise how unique and special is his long neck. “Giraffe problems” tells this motivational story hilariously.
  3. Not Quite Snow White

    Wriiten by Ashley Franklin and Illustrated by Ebony Glenn
    It’s a story about a girl named Tameika who wants to audition for the part of snow-white in a play. But her confidence is shaken by the bullying of other kids. “Not quite snow white” is Tameika’s journey to find her self-esteem surrounded by the naysayers.
  4. I Am Enough

    Written by Grace Byers and Keturah A. Bobo
    It’s a beautiful poem book on confidence with stunning pictures. It’s all about loving yourself with all your flaws and qualities. “I am enough” can uplift anyone’s self-esteem with its amazing lyrics.
  5. Red: A Crayon’s Story

    Written by Michael Hall
    This is a story about the identity crisis of a blue crayon stuck in a red label. It inspires kids to break the glass ceiling and come out of whatever label others gave them. “Red: A crayon’s story” teaches kids to be proud of themselves unconditionally.
  6. Exclamation Mark

    Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
    “Exclamation mark” is a unique children’s book on self-confidence. It’s a story of an exclamation mark who wants and struggles to be something other than himself. But during his struggle, he understands how important he is and doesn’t need to change himself.
  7. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

    Written by Mark Pett
    Sometimes the pressure of being perfect is the reason for kids being nervous all the time. “The girl who never made mistakes” burst that myth for kids that they need to be perfect all the time and can’t make any mistakes.
  8. Princess Truly in I Am Truly

    Written by Kelly Greenawalt
    It’s a fantastic book on confidence-building and affirmation in young girls. The main character in this story is a girl trying to gain confidence in herself. “Princess truly in I am truly” is a journey from self-doubt to self-love.
  9. A Bad Case of Stripes

    Written by David Shannon
    This book works as the best book for building confidence and encouraging kids to eat healthily. “A bad case of stripes” is about a girl who feels out of place for liking lima beans because her friends don’t like them. But ultimately, she realises she must do what’s good for her irrespective of what others think of her.
  10. Leo the Late Bloomer

    Written by Robert Klaus
    “Leo the late bloomer” is a story about a little tiger who is lovable and not as frightening as other tigers. He feels cautious because of this. But his mother reinforces his confidence by making him understand that it’s ok to be a late bloomer and he is unique in his own way.

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