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Thu, 24 Jun, 2021

Conjunctions for Kids – What They Are, and Fun Activities to Teach Conjunctions

A conjunction is a part of speech that links words, phrases, or clauses together. It is important to teach kids what conjunctions are at a young age so they understand their grammar and speak well in English.

There are three types of conjunctions, namely Coordinating, Co-relative and Sub-ordinate Conjunctions.

Coordinating Conjunctions 

They link two or more equal parts of a sentence. The most common Coordinating Conjunctions for Kids used in this category are ‘For, yet, and, nor, or, so, but’. For Example

And- She likes the red flower and the yellow flower.

Subordinating Conjunctions 

Subordinating Conjunctions for Kids help to link an independent clause with a dependent clause and emphasize the relationship between them and the main idea of the independent clause. E.g., Although, while, though, if, until, whether, after, before, because, when, since, where, how, then. For Example

Since- He does not go swimming anymore, since he had the accident.

Co- relative Conjunctions

These conjunctions are like a tag team, they come in pairs, and you must use both in different places in one sentence. Whether/Or, Neither/Nor, Either/Or, Both/and, not only/But also, if/then are commonly used Correlative Conjunctions for kids. E.g.,

Both/and- We will have both the oranges and the mangoes.

The best way to learn Conjunctions for kids is to practice them while reading, writing, and speaking daily. Given below is a list of activities that help kids learn conjunctions faster.

Wheel of Conjunction Words

Design a Wheel of Conjunction with questions on parts of the wheel describing food, music, sports, games, books etc. Children can fill in the blanks by using conjunction words to complete sentences. This game can be a part of your family game night to encourage learning through games for your children.

Using Flashcards

Make Flashcards using different words and sentences and divide them into two lots. Let your child pick one from each lot, and then connect the two using suitable conjunctions. This helps your child understand how to use the correct conjunction.

Conjunction Bingo 

Kids universally love bingo. You can design a bingo with nine spaces and fill it up with different conjunction words. When you call out a Conjunction word, your child strikes it off after using it in a sentence correctly. Three strikes mean your child has won. This is a fun activity to help foster creative thinking skills in your child.

Correct the Sentence

Children love to play the role of a teacher. In this activity, change conjunctions in a piece of writing and ask your child to correct the errors. This will motivate him to form sentences using correct conjunction words.

Treasure hunt for Conjunctions 

A picture quest for conjunctions as a treasure hunt is a fun activity for slightly older kids. Give them sentences with conjunctions on the cue cards like ‘Something Red, not Blue’ or ‘A pen and an eraser together’. They must take pictures based on the cue cards given. This helps them to learn and use different types of conjunctions accurately.

Conjunctions are an integral part of learning English Grammar for kids. Ensuring your child practices in daily life in different situations is essential. I believe enrolling your children on Planet spark will help them learn English as a language.