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Wed, 24 Mar, 2021

20 Creative Writing Prompts to Unlock your Child’s

creative writing prompts

Parents are always looking for new ways to inspire creative thinking in their children. Every child has a vivid imagination, and regular exposure to creative activities from a young age helps build creative thinking ability for life. One such exercise is creative writing. Creative writing is a simple activity wherein the child is given a topic, and they are asked to write a short story or essay about it. Creative writing enables children to think beyond books and improves their writing skills. Creative writing expands vocabulary and enhances communication skills.

Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts are topics or concepts which serve as a guide or a topic for children to write about. They give a rough outline to begin writing with direction. Story prompts for kids are essential to creating a stimulus for creative thinking.

It may be difficult for parents to find new creative writing prompts or story prompts for kids every day. So, we have put together a list of that you can use –

1. What do you want to be when you grow up, and why?

2. What is your happiest memory? Describe it in detail.

3. What are your favourite activities during the summer vacation?

4. Write a review of your favourite movie and why you think people should watch it?

5. Re-write the ending of your favourite story or fairy tale.

6. Write about your last visit to an amusement park. What was your favourite ride?

7. What are the five things you do every day to stay healthy & safe?

8. What are you grateful for today?

9. What is your least favourite chore, and why don’t you like it? What gadget would you invent to make that chore easier?

10. How would your best friend describe you? / How would you describe your best friend?

11. Write a letter to your teacher asking them to read your favourite book in class.

12. If you could travel through time, would you go to the past or the future? Why?

13. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

14. What is your favourite season? Why?

15. Write about your parents. What do you love about them, and why are they important to you?

16. Write about your school. Who is your favourite teacher, and why?

17. Would you like to learn a sport? Which sport would you like to learn to play and why?

18. If you were a prince or princess in an ancient kingdom, what would your life be like? Describe a day in your life as a prince or a princess.

19. Write a story with your family members as characters. Where do they all come from? Who are the members of your family?

20. Imagine that you are a fairy and can grant five wishes. Whose wishes would you grant? You can choose to grant five wishes for just one person or split them into one wish per person for five people. What rules would you make about the wishes you grant?