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Thu, 06 Jan

50 Simple Yet Interesting Essay Writing Topics in English for Kids

An essay is a topic-oriented content written from the author’s perspective. Essay writing is a perfect activity for improving penmanship and thinking skills in kids. If you are invested in improving your kids' writing skills and intellect, you must give them an interesting topic for short essay writing every once in a while.

You can refer to the following list of 60 simple topics for essay writing for kids. These essay ideas are designed to compel your kids to use their imagination, English writing skills, thought process, and emotions all at once!

  1. A Picnic With Friends & Family.
  2. Perks of Rainy Season.
  3. My Lovely & Loyal Pet.
  4. Fun Activities on the Annual Day in My School
  5. How to Reduce Air pollution?
  6. My Beautiful Country – India.
  7. My Dad, My Superhero!
  8. My Favourite Sport.
  9. Will Laptops & Computers Replace the Textbooks in Future?
  10. Planets & Stars of Our Solar System.
  11. My Favourite Teacher.
  12. Republic Day of India.
  13. What All I Want to Do in My Next Summer Vacation?
  14. How India Got its Independence?
  15. Why do we Need to Save the Environment?
  16. My Favourite Book.
  17. India: The country of Festivals.
  18. What Will I do if I become Rich?
  19. The Father of the Nation: Mahatma Gandhi.
  20. The TV Shows I Love!
  21. Why Should We Play Sports?
  22. Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology.
  23. Are Dogs Better Than Cats?
  24. How the Internet is Defining Modern Times.
  25. The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received.
  26. What’s My Kind of Perfect Weekend?
  27. My Aim in Life.
  28. What Will I do if I Get Superpowers?
  29. The Wonder of Science.
  30. Importance of Rakshabandhan.
  31. My Favourite National Holiday.
  32. How to be a Good Friend?
  33. Planet Earth: Our Home.
  34. The School Subject I Love!
  35. Do I Want to Grow Up? Why or Why Not?
  36. How to be Safe in a Public Place?
  37. My Favourite Relative.
  38. Where There is a Will, There is a Way.
  39. How do I Celebrate Diwali?
  40. How I Spent My Last Summer Vacation?
  41. What is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?
  42. My Favourite Animal.
  43. Most Special Memory With My Mother.
  44. Should Kids be Allowed to Have Mobile Phones?
  45. What Would I Do for Children if I Become The Prime Minister?
  46. My Class & My School.
  47. Most Memorable Day With My Family.
  48. Lesson Which I Learned From a Mistake.
  49. Which Cartoon Character is Most Like Me.
  50. My Favourite Character From the History.

Take Away!

Hopefully, this list of English essay writing topics for kids will ensure you never run out of essay ideas. Imagine the kind of Intellectual stimulation and information they get by writing on such topics. Isn't it obvious that your kids will turn out to be smart, creative, and thoughtful if you consistently encourage them to write essays, journals, or poems!