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Mon, 10 May, 2021

Fun and Engaging Reading Activities for Kids

reading activities for kids


Looking at today's competitive world, it is safe to say that inculcating reading skills in kids at an early age has become the need of the hour. But if kids see reading as a task, they can end up resenting it.

With these fun reading activities for kids, reading will never be boring again

  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure hunt is one of the most interesting reading activities for kids in which the players have to solve clues leading up to a hidden treasure. It requires kids to read and understand written clues, which is great for boosting their reading skills. Here's how to play it:

    • Select a treasure, such as toys, chocolates, etc.

    • Write simple clues on pieces of paper, such as 'the greenest place in the house', and hide them.

    • Ask your child to read the clues aloud.

  • Scrabble

    Scrabble is an excellent game for improving vocabulary, which is important for setting a strong foundation for improving reading skills in kids. It requires players to use the letter tiles they have to make words on the scrabble board. Here's how to play scrabble

    • Start the game with seven letters for each player.

    • Form words using these seven letters and the ones already on the board.

    • You can bend the rules for children to encourage learning. For example, give enough vowels and get the kids started with 3-letter words. Then, after some practice, encourage them to make more complicated words.

  • 'What's in the news'

    'What's in the news' has different reading activities for kids. Here's how you can build a reading habit in them using a newspaper:

    • Activity 1

      Cut paragraphs out of a news article and ask your child to arrange them in order.

    • Activity 2

      Cut out pictures from the newspaper and ask them to build a story around it.

    • Activity 3

      Encourage them to read an editorial and highlight facts with an orange marker and opinions with a blue one.

    • Activity 4

      Ask them to play a news presenter and read a piece to you.

  • Role-Play Storytelling

    To inculcate a reading habit in kids, it is important to naturally build their interest in reading. And role-play storytelling is a great way to do that. Here's how you can do this activity with your child

    • Ask your kid to read a simple story from a storybook multiple times to understand it fully well.

    • Get them ready in the clothes of a character from the book or help make props.

    • Become their audience and encourage them to enact the story.

  • Memory Game

    Memory game is one of the most fun reading activities for kids and is very useful in building a memory of sight words – words that don't have the right phonetic sound, such as 'one'. Here's how to play it:

    • Pick cards and write sight words on them. Ensure that every word is on two cards.

    • Lay all the cards upside down.

    • Take turns to pick two cards and see if your kid can identify and pronounce the sight words.

With these simple activities, your kid will also be better prepared for the demanding curriculum at school. So, pick your child's favourites and make reading fun.