How is PlanetSpark Teaching Methodology different from any other program?

Mon, 28 Aug, 2017 by Planet Spark

We operate in a world that has learning methods that either run only after school marks or only standalone platforms for concept building like mobile apps. PlanetSpark, however, uses its own research based STEPS Methodology that ensures both conceptual mastery and superior academic performance. Our STEPS methodology has been designed using Enquiry based learning, Game Based learning, Child cognitive psychology and Spaced Repetition Techniques making it the most effective and research based pedagogy. In the methodology, each step represents a phase that the child goes through while living through and learning the concept. Let us take you through these phases one by one.

The first phase is the “Spark phase” where the child’s curiosity is kindled on the concept through thought provoking questions. This helps in focusing the child’s mind on the topic, cutting off distractions and making the child curious and eager to learn.

After getting curious, the child enters the “Think Phase”, where the child explores the problem in detail through games and activities. This ensures that starts thinking about the concepts and explores them further.

Then comes the “Explain Phase” where the child observes and analyzes the concept through Videos and other engaging media to form knowledge constructs.

After this, the child goes through the “Practice Phase” where the child applies the acquired knowledge to practice by solving scientifically designed problems.

And finally, the child ends with the "Share Phase" where she reflects, summarizes and shares the acquired knowledge. This helps in crystallizing the knowledge in the mind of the child.

Holistically, this exclusive 5 Step Approach to learning makes the child truly live through each and every concept and acquires the knowledge in a sustainable manner. By undergoing this complete journey, the child registers the knowledge in the long-term memory which can be used and reproduced to solve problems, leading to mastery and improved academic performance.

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