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Tue, 31 Aug, 2021

How to Help Your Child Get Better at Understanding Concepts

How to Help Your Child Get Better at Understanding Concepts

What is meant by a concept?

Representing a form of cognitive grouping, concepts are the building blocks of thoughts. Many psychologists and educators have termed concepts as an extremely important element of human learning. Children are more likely to understand similarities, differences, directions, quantity, and sequence with the help of concepts.

The main challenge parents face is to help their children get better at understanding concepts. It becomes a major issue since concept-learning affects overall growth.

Importance of concept-based learning

Concept-based learning imparts knowledge to kids ensures space for constant improvement. Education is the foundation that helps a child develop efficiently. This is the underlying reason you should provide your child with the best educational care.

Concept-based learning actively works on the principle of encouraging curious minds to ask questions. It challenges the education system to strengthen.

When your child understands a concept entirely, rather than just having the surface knowledge, he/she is more likely to develop a great understanding. Understanding concepts allows them to follow instructions more accurately and gain a deeper knowledge of what is being taught.

What are the building blocks for understanding any concept?

  1. Hearing

    When you listen, you learn. It is not a secret that hearing makes a person open to the possibilities of knowledge gain. When your child develops adequate hearing abilities, he is more likely to use proper language and grow.

  2. Attention and Focus

    Uninterrupted focus and attention span helps in avoiding distraction and longers the ability to perform well on any task. Excellent attention span will help your child in a long run.

  3. Play Skills

    Having a goal-oriented lookout is a great way to aim for success, but they should not expect rewards in every activity performed. Developing your child’s play skills ensures their ability to enjoy voluntary engagement in various activities.

  4. Understanding of Language

    Understanding develops before expressing. Kids understand their surroundings before they can even speak. So, they need to understand their language thoroughly for them to use it effortlessly.

Signs your child is facing problems understanding concepts

  • Expressing thoughts

    Expression of thoughts is important in letting go of emotions. If your child is failing to express his thoughts and what he has learned, it might be a possibility that he cannot understand concepts thrown at him.

  • The ability to follow instruction

    Your child cannot follow instructions accurately if he cannot understand the core of concepts.

  • Problem-solving skills

    Lack of understanding will affect your child’s problem-solving skills. If he cannot understand concepts clearly, he cannot solve problems efficiently.

  • Difficulty in understanding language

    If your child is using incorrect expressions in a language or cannot frame sentences/words/phrases, it is likely that he might have trouble understanding concepts.

  • Lack of vocabulary

    Not being able to express or be specific while speaking and continuous usage of vague baby-like expressions that might not align with their age is a red flag situation.

5 Strategies to help your child get better at understanding concepts

  1. Modelling grammar

    Parents are the best teachers a child could have. Kids learn more by watching their parents and try to imitate what they do or say. When your child says something that is grammatically wrong, make sure you stop them and teach them the correct way of using appropriate grammar.

  2. Physically modelling

    Your child will grasp that quickly when you show the correct behaviour or the correct way of doing and saying things. This way, the child sees what is appropriate and what is not.

  3. Describe to the child what are they doing

    Verbally tell your child whatever activity they are doing. When they are eating a vegetable, tell them what vegetable they are having.

  4. Giving instructions

    Nothing works better than proper instructions. Physical instructions help them in understanding concepts better than verbal instructions.

  5. Emphasise the word

    Repeat the concept you want your child to understand, and keep emphasising it in different situations so your child develops an overall lookout for that concept and understands the different ways they could use it.

4 Activities to help your child get better at understanding concepts

  1. Playing games

    Stimulating games where they have to use their minds and challenge themselves to think hard will sharpen their brains and enhance their ability to grasp better. Games like hide and seek are a great way to get their minds busy thinking.

  2. Reading books

    Reading them storybooks that have interactive flaps, colourful designs, and stickers increases their attention span. Books with locations help them in remembering.

  3. Scavenger Hunt

    Taking them on scavenger hunts and giving them the tasks to locate items of different colours, shapes, and sizes helps them develop critical and creative thinking skills. Scavenger hunts help them evaluate, analyse, and strengthen their thinking abilities.

  4. Give them instructions while doing household routine

    While doing household chores, ask them to follow the instructions you give. You can teach them the concepts of washing/drying dishes, feeding family pets, etc.

Want to raise a smart kid by adapting concept-based learning?

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Concept-driven learning is the ultimate game-changer

Ditching the traditional learning methods, concept-based learning enhances your child’s creative thinking skills, and helps them understand what they are taught rather than simply cramming up. This way, children grow up to become sharp and attentive learners.

Concept-based learning helps in the overall advancement of children, keeping their social and mental well-being in thought. It engages kids to shape a powerful community of students that takes on worldwide difficulties through creativity, action, and reflection.