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Sat, 16 Oct, 2021

How to Prepare Your Child for a Debate

Debate for Kids

Debates enable your child to become a brilliant orator. Debate activities encourage their speaking and listening skills. To ensure your child develops their listening abilities as well, here are some ways to get you started on how to prepare your child for a debate.

Begin at a young age

When your child is at a developing stage, he will grasp things better and faster. You can shape your child’s mind at a young age by helping them become confident and expressive through discussing simple topics at first and get to know their point of view regarding different things.

Teach them how to organise their thoughts

Getting started with debate topics for kids is a great headstart. Tell them to brainstorm points they can talk about. Then, teach them the importance of organising their thoughts for an interesting debate.

They will need to brainstorm points for arguments and divide them for a sensible debate. By organising their points effectively, they will have an efficient debate.

Help them understand FOR and AGAINST

In order to have your child make up strong debate points, you will need to make them understand both sides - for and against. This will allow them to frame points in a better manner and be prepared to answer their opponent.

Correct body language goes a long way

Body language speaks a thousand words without actually speaking a word. Standing tall shows alertness. Making eye contact with the audience oozes confidence and gives out the right aura.

Make sure your child knows the importance of dressing right. Formal wear, perfectly combed hair and tidy shoes lay a long-lasting impression.

Pick interesting debate topics for kids

Debates will pique your child’s interest when they are thrown with interesting topics in front of them. Pick practice topics for kids that are relevant to their interests.

For example, if your child is interested in sports, pick a topic such as ‘should sports be compulsory in schools.’ Encourage them to research on both sides of the debate. This will boost their interest and improve their self-confidence.

Encourage logical thinking

Debates are all about logic. Encourage your child to think logically rather than emotionally to keep their point across the table.

Encourage your child to make relevant points and prioritise the most important ones. This will not distract them from the main topic. Once they have a clear idea of what points to make, they will feel more confident.

Guide them on how to proceed in an argument

Although it can get heated during debates, teach your child to remain polite at all times. Debate activities are about being firm about your views and are not about fighting.

They will need to listen as well to have their voice heard. Teach them the idea of how to proceed in debates with politeness and firmness.

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