Ideas for students for this Teacher's Day!

I remember when I was in school we used to be so excited for teacher’s day. We would all contribute funds for the celebration, get cakes, gifts. We would also have skits and dance performances. With time I have come to realize that small things matter the most. People like to savor memories. People collect things because it means more to them just monetary value. It has meanings, feelings, and memories associated with it. This teacher’s day let’s do something new.

Here is a list of ideas which is easy and unique.

Make a video for your teacher. The video will be a collection of clips from the past and present students who wish to give a message to their teacher. You can also ask for inputs from the alumni base. It's now way easier to get in touch with them through WhatsApp, facebook, etc.

Make a memory explosion box. This box will be full of photographs, quotes for the teacher from their students.

The above idea can also be depicted on a collage.


Handmade greeting cards. These cards mean a lot more than the readymade ones. And it can be customised as well and there is also room for creativity.

Chocolates with creative tags.

Make a poster and hang it in class


A small book where his/her influence on you and your friends can be written down

Stationary. Most useful and comes in great variants. With cute little notes accompanying them.


Make a bookmark.

Or little things that your teacher may enjoy.

Last but not the least, write a heartfelt letter. 

These are just some small gesture to tell your teacher how much you adore them. How much they have influenced you. How they have made an impact on you. Or maybe just to thank them. Don’t shy away from saying it, as a small action by you may actually mean a lot for your teacher. Your teachers don’t really expect grand gestures but what they seek is a better society, a better future. Your small token of appreciation may go a long way in validating their beliefs.  

Happy Teacher's Day!

- Anuja