Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Shaping a Child's Life

Fri, 12 Nov by Kunal

Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Shaping a Child's Life

Excelling in academics is not enough to stand out in today's exceedingly competitive world. A person's individuality is exhibited through their personality, that is, the way they carry themselves, speak their mind, and behave with others. Hence, personality development for kids has become of the utmost importance. Children are naturally curious, have a high grasping power and can easily adapt to changes. Therefore, kids should participate in extracurricular activities like sports, debate, drama, dance, etc. that can help them develop a dynamic personality at an early age.

Benefits of extracurricular activities in shaping a child's personality

Encourages Self-Assessment

Extracurricular activities for kids encourage judging yourself and growing as a person. For example, an editor of the school newsletter can understand their strengths and weaknesses outside of their academic performance. Similarly, other extracurricular activities will help your child realize what they're good at and where do they need improvement, thus giving them a roadmap to work on their personality.

Builds Self-Confidence

The importance of extracurricular activities in building self-confidence is unparalleled. When a kid interacts with different people or performs in front of them, their self-esteem grows, building self-confidence. Gaining new experiences like being part of a team, acquiring new skills, winning competitions, etc. helps kids develop confidence inside and outside of the classroom.

Develops Social Abilities

Not participating in extracurricular activities restricts a child's interaction with only family and a few friends. Through activities like sports, indoor games, elocution, kids get the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and age groups. They learn how others think and work, which helps them acquire social competencies that shape their personality.

Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Every parent wants their child to become sharp and smart. Extracurricular activities for kids ensure that by developing their critical thinking skills, they become exposed to various challenges where they have to find solutions to problems. For instance, while participating in a debate competition, a kid has to understand the topic and develop logical points and a strategy to fight the opposite team.

Familiarizes Them with Other Cultures

The more your child indulges in extracurricular activities, the more they get to meet people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Sharing a commonplace with such people and working towards a single goal as a team helps them become more accepting and tolerant of other cultures.

Enhances Creativity

Extracurricular activities like painting, craft, pottery, cooking etc. boost creativity in kids. You can enrol your child in a summer camp or extra classes in school so that they can avail of all the necessary tools and facilities that they may need to hone their creative skills. This way they can dedicate time to their hobby and have fun while learning.

Helps Them Realize Their Talent

Every child is naturally good at something. But until and unless they don't get the opportunity to explore their hidden talent, they will not be able to nurture it. By trying out various extracurricular activities, your kid may realize what they love doing. Who knows, they might also excel in it and build a successful career out of it someday!

Instils Responsibility and Discipline

A child undertakes extra responsibilities when they indulge in extracurricular activities. For example, when they have to attend drama classes after school, they know that they have to manage their routine better to be punctual at everything. This inculcates a sense of discipline in kids and makes them accountable for their actions.

Promotes Empathy

The importance of extracurricular activities lies in promoting empathy as well. It makes kids understand the pain and hardships of others. For example, your child's friend may not be as good at sports. But the way your child helps or encourages them can build a sense of empathy and sportsmanship between the two.

Fosters Competitiveness

Extracurricular activities don't just involve learning but also gives kids a chance to compete against others in a chess game or a football match. To win the competition, kids work hard and strive for excellence. This spirit of competitiveness can motivate them to be successful in everything they do in life later.

Makes Them Adaptable to Change

Adaptability to change is an essential life skill that one needs to succeed in life. Taking part in extracurricular activities can pull your kid out of their comfort zone and push them to become accustomed to new surroundings and ways of working. For example, when your kid is asked to perform alone on stage, they might take some time to get comfortable before they become used to it.

Kids' extracurricular activities are an integral part of the education environment and play a pivotal role in shaping their intellectual, emotional, and social personalities.

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