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Thu, 02 Dec, 2021

Importance Of Storytelling In Your Child’s Overall Development

Importance of Storytelling in Child Development

Storytelling is an ancient art of using interactive words and tonal variations creatively to reveal different elements of the story in a manner that will keep readers hooked. It plays a critical part in your child's overall development by enhancing their imagination and creatively promoting language learning.

Being the oldest form of teaching, storytelling brings the process of language learning into life. It enables language development and promotes early literacy skills in your child. Hence, teaching storytelling to your child is essential.

Why is Storytelling Important?

Storytelling is the most interesting way to nurture your child’s personality and improve their creative abilities.

Teaching your child the benefits of storytelling is equally important in today’s world due to the increased demand for interaction in the form of presentations and public speaking in schools.

From gaining good virtues to increasing your child’s vocabulary, here is a list of benefits we have compiled for you.

1. Virtues & Good Morals

Young kids are curious readers and learners. Stories impact their mind positively. Besides being entertaining, stories attribute to other qualities such as honesty, gratitude, and truthfulness, leaving a significant impact on your child’s mind.

Spending time reading stories to your kids helps them inculcate kindness, compassion, honesty, and other valuable lessons into their life.

2. Knowledge of Culture

The main advantage of storytelling lies in your child’s enhanced knowledge of their and others’ culture. Stories that reflect your culture will deepen their understanding. It opens a gateway to understanding new traditions, places, and things.

3. Nurture Their Imagination

When kids listen to a story, they imagine themselves in the characters’ shoes and the setting. Storytelling runs your child’s imagination wild and enhances their creativity, making them open to new ideas.

4. Improved Your Kid’s Listening Skills

Kids are known to have the worst listening skills. They either butt in between the conversation or end up losing their attention and letting their head wander in different thoughts. Through storytelling, their attention span increases, and hence this enhances your kid’s listening skills.

5. Sparks Their Curiosity

During the process of storytelling, parents should pause in between. Breaking a story at the right time will spark curiosity in kids and make them eager to know more. This eagerness leads to asking questions and enhancing their learning skills for development.

6. Boosting up Your Child’s Communication Skills

This is one of the most significant advantages of storytelling. Your child can improve communication skills with storytelling.

Storytelling fosters their ability to express themselves by enriching their vocabulary. This will encourage your child to express their thoughts and feelings.

7. Sharpens Their Memory

One of the significant benefits of storytelling is to sharpen your child’s memory. You can ask them relevant questions that make them recall the story and see how much information they have retained.

8. Better Social Skills

Storytelling improves your child’s social skills by making them more patient and teaching them to listen without interrupting. Your kids will open their minds to other people’s opinions and become understanding towards others’ thoughts.

Every time you read anything unfamiliar to your child, they try to grasp the meaning of the word and understand the context in which it is used or can be used. This curiosity to find the meaning of unfamiliar words leads to improvement in their knowledge of vocabulary.

9. Learning Process Becomes Easier

Storytelling tickles your child’s creative bone. It also makes it easier for them to grasp knowledge in their academic learning and their personal life. Storytelling improves your child’s concentration, which is a brownie point to excel in school.

10. Emotional Intelligence

The importance of storytelling to child development is immense. Your child can better control their emotions and start being more thoughtful towards other individuals and their requirements.

While kids actively listen and understand, they subconsciously learn the process of thinking for others. Developing concern for others create empathy and makes them better individual.

11. Lower Levels of Stress &Anxiety

Stories are meant to transport you to an imaginative world that is far from the realms of reality. Listening to stories about the magic that involves a fantasy world is known to lower stress and anxiety among kids.

12. A Budding Storyteller

Listening to interactive and engaging stories might encourage your little one to become a storyteller themselves or even pen down their own stories one day.

The next time you are reading a storybook to your child, you might be creating a future writer. Who knows?

13. Active participation in challenging situations

Few challenging situations leave your child in an overwhelming state. In cases like these, narrate the stories of various personalities in similar situations and give them a sense of direction.

Storytelling can open a world of possibilities for your child. Young kids exposed to a variety of stories from over the world learn different things about the world. Parents need to spend plenty of time reading books with their children to reap these benefits.