How to Spark It

Thu, 11 May, 2017

Mapping the crucial years of development for your little Genius

Wish kids came with instructional manuals? How easy would it have been to tune them and make them walk as we wished them to do? 

But! Gulping down the hard fact the hard way is ‘No- Kids don’t come with manuals’. No kids are alike, and neither is the parenting experience. The parenting sites are gushed with people and specially mother asking questions about their grown-up little ones’. Though a few work, but how effective?

Parenting is just like that roller coaster ride you took in the adventure park. Juggling you side-to-side without safety belts, a single jerk and you can be thrown miles apart. But, wait! Here we are holding the magic broom, helping you through this journey- PlanetSpark.

We at PlanetSpark understand the minutest challenges, working to build stronger safety belts. Deciding to pen down our experience after working with parents and those notorious kids we have endless information to share.  

Categorizing the important numbers, we felt the most crucial years of any child development is from age 6 to 14. These years define and shape the entire personality of a child. Even his educational achievements are somehow partially influenced. The crowd, peer group, teacher behavior and time spent with family all matter and building the foundation of his achievement’s as human being. 

Development during the years 6 – 9

Marking the initial years of development the child begins to build a little world of his own. Entering an all new world, stepping in school environment, meeting mixed group of people and making friends does sounds exciting. The kind of influence this new environment will bestow upon the child is self-indicative. The change in behavior patterns, dressing, walking and the endless chit-chats he shares with you speaks it all. All it needs your ears wide open.  

As parents, the bond created during these year is most special. Sharing experiences as parents you get the golden chance to earn a space in his world. You also get to understand about how he perceives things happening around him. In case the child is scared of studies or may be a friend, what factors do disturb him and cause worry you get to know them all.

Remember, appreciate the little achievements of your genius. This shall build his confidence, but also build the pillars of trust considering you as a friend. Parents tend to stop kids from performing activities or may be scolding them for some acts. Unknowingly these acts builds a huge wall of ice, shatters the confidence and makes him move apart.

As parents, focus should be to develop on social and cognitive skills. Appreciating and motivating to participate in sports and cultural activities and working on healthy peer relations is prime important.

Development in the teen years ‘10-14’

Stepping into shoes of teens’ is marked by these age number. Mood swings, feeling smart or dumb are a freebies for this group. As parents you may notice your little bud becoming reserved and less confident. He may all together stop sharing with you his daily activities and about his friends.

Don’t be concerned but handle patiently. Spend a day sharing your experiences building the roof over pillars of trust developed during the initial years. We hope by now you must have understood how important is sharing at this point. 

Encourage their curiosity to explore developing thinking abilities.  Work and discuss with teachers to help develop the social activities. Try and know about the peer group they share. In case you feel the group is not correct or focused towards socializing and other such activities only, don’t tell them directly! Share experiences, help them learn to identify people based on their priorities.

Emotional development, abstract thinking are other factors that need to be worked closely. Keeping a control over emotions and not let them overpower you. The development of control will make them achieve positions and smoothly pass over the difficult phases in life.

The involvement as parents is important. As your child crosses different years of development, your role also changes simultaneously. Moving towards the bond that is based on friendship building the base of trust will make you walk through smoothly. 

At PlanetSpark, we believe the responsibility on our shoulders is dual. We invest on building bonds stronger and last throughout. The goal is to extend as family and earn trust.

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