My experiences as a Teacher with PlanetSpark

"Exhilarating Joy of Teaching in PlanetSpark!"

   PlanetSpark has not only been a discovery for me as an innovative teacher, but, it has given me a new perspective of teaching the English language in a way, where, my students are filled with unending mirth and exclusive learning at the same time!

   I have been working with them for the last three months and I must say that, at every step the staff has been very cooperative and helped me understand the nuances of their extraordinary content and revolutionary approach, towards teaching junior school English. 

   English teaching and that too imparting its richness to little and innocent kids, has been a source of joy for me, for the last 15 years. I have always believed very strongly, in the fact that the language should be taught in a way, where they develop their own level of understanding of the subject and retain, every aspect of the language in a perfect manner. A deeper understanding of the grammar concepts and most importantly, the application of various concepts in their day to day curriculum, has been primary purpose, for every child.

   The present educational scenario is very dismal and hardly a few schools focus on the English language as the main focus of understanding and expression in each subject. PlanetSpark has taken upon it the onus of providing wholesome education to the children in such a way, such that. they make a strong foundation of both Maths and English, during their junior school years!

  It works tirelessly, towards the fact, that the child should enjoy what he is learning and that is the reason, why they have devised ingenious games to foster the process of understanding numerous other things of the language.

   As a teacher, I have enjoyed thoroughly, working for them, as they are very helpful and understanding towards providing a wholesome and comfortable atmosphere for all the "Mompreneurs", who are investing their precious time, towards educating children in a  fulfilling manner.

   So, it is my honest suggestion to all the ladies who are residing within Gurgaon and who have a burning desire within them to do something, with not only their lives, as busy Moms, but, also using their impeccable qualification, in imparting exclusive education, within the comforts of their home, then, they should consider, joining the Company, as soon as possible.

- Preeti Rawal

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