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Thu, 22 Jun, 2017

Our Mission at PlanetSpark

Let’s understand why PlanetSpark exists and what is the motivation behind the genesis of PlanetSpark Programme!

PlanetSpark is on a mission to “Spark the Joy of Learning in Children”. We do this through our highly engaging and powerful learning Methodology, which we call the steps methodology. It is a scientifically researched, and yet a simple and intuitive framework that helps children fully master their School Topics and concepts. It not only helps them become more engaged and interested in School topics but rather makes them completely fall in love with learning itself! 

And nothing makes us happier than to see our children become true learners and see studies as exciting as play! If not more. Whatever we do, we always keep our mission alive and kicking and this is what keeps us motivated on a daily basis!

Now, let us have a look at what are the 4 important elements that we at PlanetSpark firmly believe in:- 

First, Learning is Fun! 

-    Every child can fall in love with Learning if Taught the Right way.
-    We do not see Learning as a boring activity. In fact we believe that it can be really made immersive and fun for the children. 
-    If children don’t learn the way we teach, let's teach the way they learn!

Second, Concepts can be Mastered! 

-    Learning is incomplete without mastery of a concept.

-    Concepts and School Topics need not necessarily be mugged up! 

-    They can be fully mastered and be stored in children’s long term memory so that they can not only remember them but also, more importantly, use them as and when needed!


Third, 21st Century needs Smart Skills! 

-    We live at a time where the world is fast evolving away from just traditional skills.  

-    A 21st Century child must possess critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills to be set up for success in life. 


And Last but not the least, Lectures are for the Past! 

-    The Child Must Be Actively Involved in the Learning Process

-    Gone are the days when the teacher used to teach from the blackboard or a book and children just used to passively listen

-    Research says that the learning is enhanced multi fold if the child is actively involved in the learning process and is not merely a passive listener


These 4 Elements, are a part of our DNA at PlanetSpark and define everything that we do. We partner with teachers who carry the same vision and are positive proponents of a modern pedagogy of teaching that puts the child at the center of the learning process through these 4 elements!

Thank You!

Kunal Malik

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