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Sun, 19 Dec, 2021

Top 10 Personality Development Activities for Kids

It is essential to fill your child’s world with new experiences and activities every day in their growth years. Such exposure boosts their overall growth and enables their personality development. Participating in personality development activities for kids stimulates the senses, offers opportunities to overcome fear and gives your child the confidence to speak their mind. There are various fun and engaging approaches to personality development for kids that can motivate them to stay devoted to self-improvement all their lives.

Here are the top ten personality development activities for kids -

1. Meaningful Art Activities -

Art is a great way to help children express themselves. Ask your child to draw something they wish to do or see, and they may surprise you with their creativity!

2. Music Training –

Learning to sing or play a musical instrument can be very beneficial for personality development in childhood. It improves spatial reasoning and cognitive ability in kids – while having fun! Start by gifting your child a small musical instrument or a toy instrument to spark an interest. As they grow older, you could start formal training in music for your child.

3. Public Speaking -

Children gain a lot by learning public speakingat a young age. Give your child a mic and get them used to the sound of their voice on a mic. Practice with them by staging shows for your family. Such activities encourage children to overcome stage fright and feel confident when performing in front of a crowd.

4. Develop a Scoring System for Your Kids –

If your child is asking for something that you feel is not justified – score it up! Allot a few points to things you need them to do, like finish meals, help with small chores, be polite, etc. Give them a goal of 50 or 100 points and tell them that you will buy them what they want if they achieve the goal. Of course, this system cannot work every time, so be careful not to overdo it. But when implemented well, this system can help children appreciate the value of time, money, and hard work.

5. Start a Reading Habit –

Starting a reading habit in kids can be daunting at first. But kids who begin to enjoy reading from a young age become readers for life. Reading together is a great way to bond with your children, and it also helps in social and emotional development.

6. Storytelling –

Children of all ages enjoy books and storytelling that involves rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Storytelling for kids promotes brain development, sparks their imagination, and helps improve language and emotions.

7. Puzzles –

Puzzle games such as jigsaw puzzles, problem-solving puzzles, and crosswords are excellent personality development games for kids. They help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability, and emotional strength. Start with simple knobbed puzzles wherein the child has to fit shapes in the given slots and slowly move to more complicated jigsaw puzzles.

8. Socializing –

Spending time with other children and other adults, apart from the people in your family, is very beneficial for young children. Socializing is crucial to help kids learn etiquette, social behaviour and to build self-esteem.

9. Physical Exercise & Activities –

Sports and games are essential for children to learn social interaction and gain self-confidence. Developing physical ability allows kids to have more fun while making friends and learning team bonding.

10. Role-playing Games –

Pretend play is also an effective personality development activity for children. Engage in role-playing with your child and enact scenarios they have seen around them, such as travelling in a bus, going to a restaurant, shopping at the mall, etc.

Children who learn to value the process of personality development at a young age continually work on themselves all their lives. The above-listed personality development activities can encourage your child to engage with and explore the world around them.

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