Life at PlanetSpark

Thu, 31 Aug, 2017

PlanetSpark - Transforming housewives into mini entrepreneurs!

With a vision of reaching those parents who get tired hunting a good tutor to help the child enjoy learning and partner with the intellectual manpower -the women, PlanetSpark has a wonderful module for housewives. After school classes in Maths and English, the two important aspects of life. Maths helps in logical thinking and a language opens the doors of one's imagination and builds the personality of an individual.

PlanetSpark has partnered with qualified teachers like Ms. Rinku Vora who helps the students and finds immense pleasure as there is a lot done and learned in the two-hour classes daily which she provides to students. PlanetSpark provides the resources to the teacher so that she can follow a particular curriculum regularly. 

PlanetSpark provides intensive training programs to the beginner teachers so that they are acquainted with the aims of PlanetSpark. 

Practice makes man perfect. One becomes better only by practicing right methodology and imparting right concepts through right techniques. This is a niche of PlanetSpark teachers too. They follow steps learning method which includes Spark, think, explain, practice and share. This is a meticulous methodology for learning and as the child passes through each stage his learning inquisitiveness just increases. The outcome is that he becomes a person with better understanding.

As parents, we all have been investing a lot on education and still have complaints like my child isn't confident enough, my child doesn't focus on writing much or that my child doesn't want to do homework, he only wants to play more.What's the reason behind this? There might be many but we can figure out a few of them. The pace at which syllabus is taught at schools might be faster than that of the child, the child might need to repeat the concepts, again and again, to understand better or sometimes is too shy to clear his/her doubts with the teachers. The pre teens need a lot of care while teaching and hence PlanetSpark has taken all these aspects into account while planning its curriculum. It provides holistic extra support to students through various resources and the worksheets are aligned with the school syllabus. 

So the teachers needn't bother about handling the students with various problems. The ladies who might have already been helping students at home but feeling stagnated by repeating the school syllabi of students and those who are saturated with what they are doing can surely partner with PlanetSpark. 

PlanetSpark is providing training programs to the partner teachers periodically and has a help desk to clear their queries from time to time. A teacher starts her own Planet of Learning with the support of PlanetSpark hence she is the direct link to the parents. So she manages classes and parents and gives feedback to PlanetSpark regularly. Aren't these the qualities of an entrepreneur too? 

So PlanetSpark is helping housewives who always have yearned to earn and fill their pockets with their hard work.

A teacher is always a learner first, this is the quality of Plant Spark teachers too. 


Learning is fun, concepts can be mastered, 21st century needs smart brains, lectures are of past, these are the taglines of PlanetSpark. Don't they motivate you to discover your strength as a PlanetSpark Teacher Partner?

Certainly, PlanetSpark is doing a good job of helping not only parents and students but the housewives through the revolutionary after school learning program for pre teens(grade2-7). is the door to many opportunities for women with zeal and commitment.

-Sita Prasad