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Sun, 27 Aug, 2017

Problems the young learners are facing today

Today the world is at the peak of advancement let it be technology or the speed of life. Infants used to not open their eyes till three months in the olden days and today they are born with eyes wide open, curious and ready to grasp whatever comes their way. The toddlers start schooling in the very second year of their entrance on earth. It is strange to see admissions in schools start the previous year well in advance. How the things have changed in our country! As in foreign still, the age to begin schooling is five years. Next, if we talk about schools they have been catering to the needs of kids in the best way possible, infrastructure, teachers, resources and the care is like a second home to many of them. But the population of the country is so much that they are overloaded. With the students with such advanced intelligence and overloaded classroom, the extra classes and tuitions have cropped up a lot.

Teaching is limited but learning isn't, it's unlimited. As teaching can be confined to a classroom, teacher or the resources while learning is in the hands of the learner and he can learn anything from anywhere and how much he/she wants. 

The care a learner needs hence plays an important role and the learner's problems should be taken care of well. There is a wide range of subjects taught and there are a lot of methodologies followed in schools and parents at times are confused and do not understand how to handle their young ones. 

No doubt our country is moving from a traditional background to that of global but this transition is not as easy as said. The learning problems of students start right from the age being toddlers and they are expected to learn everything by heart the school teachers or parents too. But students surely have their own pace and style. The major problems faced by today's generation include what to study and how much to study? This puts the parents in jeopardy, here is where the tutors or the extra classes come into play. 

A  qualified and caring tutor is someone who wants to guide the students understand the learning process and proceed at his/her own pace.

The students are intelligent but also still children and they need time to rejuvenate, play and enjoy their childhood, so they can't be burdened with only academics. They need the help of understanding basic concepts in subjects and especially in languages, they need to get their thinking right. 

In schools teachers focus upon syllabus, everything is explained but there are some students who don't grasp everything in one go and the wrong concepts remain with them. The main reason for this is not learning in a simple and convenient way. If a child reads books from a young age his English or rather Hindi will be so good by the age of seven eight years that he can write on his own small paragraphs. Here it has to be understood that reading has to be done by the parents religiously regularly for the child to pick it up as a habit. 

And this is done by the teachers who help students at home taking individual care. If a language is learned the right way then a learner doesn't have problems learning other subjects as he can understand the sentences and needn't rote learn. 

The children who need extra care generally can be of two categories Firstly those whose parents are so busy that though they know everything they don't have quality time to spend with their kids secondly those whose parents themselves cannot handle teaching their kids due to various reasons like lacking in subject knowledge. In both the cases, a child starts lacking in the skills needs to be acquired at the right time. It is observed that today's kids want logical answers to their doubts and simpler techniques to learn which can be provided by an expert.

So extra help is not the only solution but extra help to improve the child's thinking skills and make him a constructive learner surely is a good option. It is the responsibility of the present parents, teachers, and society to provide the right environment to the future generation so that they become responsible citizens. They have to be trained to overcome their insecurities and understand their strengths. The online tutorials and offline too like PlanetSpark have such aims and are very helpful.

- Sita Prasad

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