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Mon, 20 Dec, 2021

Rhyming Words List & Tips on Teaching Rhyming Words to Kids

When you read the words “twinkle twinkle little star” or “jack & jill went up the hill,” do you sing them in your mind? And why do you think you remember each word and the tune to the T? It is because these poems have got the perfect combination of rhyming words and lovely music.

Teaching rhyming words to kids is the best way to make them remember something. Moreover, rhyming words enrich the vocabulary of kids. A list of rhyming words for kids is presented in this article ahead. But before that, you should check out the stages of rhyme learning for kids and effective ways to teach rhyming words to kids. Let’s begin!

The 3 Stages/Steps of Rhyme Learning

Kids learn to rhyme in the following 3 steps:-

1. Introduction

First of all, introduce your kids to rhyming words with the help of reading and singing poems together. Give them exposure to a variety of nursery songs with different patterns to grasp the idea.

2. Recollection

This stage is also called rhyme recognition. After you read and sing the rhymes to your kids several times, your kids should be able to recognise a song when they hear it. You may want to use easy words to rhyme in the beginning.

3. Creation

Paste a rhyming words list on the walls of the room of your kids. Ask them the words they remember when you are out with them to play. After knowing and catching rhyming words, the kids should be encouraged to create rhymes independently.

Effective Ways of Teaching Rhyming Words

Apply the following effective ways of teaching rhyming words to your kids and watch them learn quickly:-

  • Get hold of lots of poem books, songs, verses, and story books that use rhyming words. Read from those books to your kids or sing with them daily.
  • Create small puzzles or crosswords which can be solved with easy words to rhyme. Kids learn really well if you teach them something through a puzzle or game.
  • You can also use resources like lap books, rhyming dictionaries, and clipping cards.

Rhyming Words List

Here is a list of rhyming words with most prominent sounds. It is created especially for kids. Therefore this list contains many easy words to rhyme.

Rhyming Word With the Sound of “an”

  1. Ban
  2. Can
  3. Fan
  4. Man
  5. Pan
  6. Ran
  7. Tan
  8. Van
  9. Bran
  10. Flan
  11. Plan
  12. Scan
  13. Span
  14. Began

Rhyming Words With the Sound of “at”

  1. Bat
  2. Cat
  3. Fat
  4. Hat
  5. Mat
  6. Pat
  7. Rat
  8. Sat
  9. Brat
  10. Flat
  11. That
  12. Scat
  13. Spat
  14. Splat
  15. Combat

Rhyming Words With the Sound of “ap”

  1. Cap
  2. Gap
  3. Lap
  4. Map
  5. Nap
  6. Rap
  7. Sap
  8. Tap
  9. Zap
  10. Chap
  11. Clap
  12. Flap
  13. Slap
  14. Snap
  15. Strap
  16. Trap
  17. Wrap

Rhyming Words With the Sound of “am”

  1. Bam
  2. Cam
  3. Dam
  4. Ham
  5. Ram
  6. Yam
  7. Clam
  8. Cram
  9. Dram
  10. Gram
  11. Slam
  12. Tram

Rhyming Words With the Sound of “ab”

  1. Cab
  2. Dab
  3. Drab
  4. Fab
  5. Flab
  6. Grab
  7. Jab
  8. Nab
  9. Lab
  10. Slab
  11. Tab
  12. Crab

Rhyming Words With the Sound of “all”

  1. Ball
  2. Call
  3. Fall
  4. Hall
  5. Mall
  6. Shawl
  7. Tall
  8. Wall
  9. Thrall
  10. Gall

Rhyming Words With the Sound of “ar”

  1. Are
  2. Bar
  3. Car
  4. Far
  5. Jar
  6. Scar
  7. Star
  8. War
  9. Ajar
  10. Guitar

Wrapping up!

Rhyming words are great to build vocabulary and a solid foundation for literacy. By teaching rhyming words, you also teach kids about rhythms, patterns, and language structure. Hopefully, you found the rhyming words list mentioned in this article useful for making interesting combinations. Don’t wait and start the learning session full of fun and poetry with your kids today!!