Teachers Day: Creative ways to thank all your past and current Teachers

All of us have had teachers who have inspired us, pushed our boundaries, sometimes punishing us. They were instrumental in forming our personality, our outlook and somewhat our understanding of the world. They have done this and more. Why did they do all this? Was is just a job to be done? A means to an end? 

It is way more than that. Teachers are driven by passion. When we see hordes of graduates donning the black cap, it is because of these teachers who were instrumental in their formative years. They were the one who answered the curious minds, instigated their interest and made them who they are today. Was it all because they want to be rich because they really get paid that well.

Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, in his book ‘Wings of Fire’ described how his teacher in primary school and then in higher education guided him. He attributes his attitude towards life to them. How they have shaped up his life. It is so interesting that even an unseemingly small action can influence a young mind so much that his entire life is turned around. Also, teachers are the one who makes us realize who we are and from where we can build upon. If you have seen the movie “in front of the class” then, probably, you can relate to it. The protagonist in the movie suffers from a Tourette's syndrome where he gets involuntary ticks. This makes him an introvert, bullied and mostly his peers, father, teachers feel that this is his way of gaining attention. However, when the teacher forced him to stand in front of his school and explain his problem was he able to come out of his shell. 

This coming teacher’s day let’s take a moment to remember all the teacher’s whom we have loved and from whom we have learned. We keep on thinking about some grand gestures which we should make but don’t do it because of the paucity of time and the numerous things which we have to do. However, this doesn’t translate to action and the thought just seems to just drift away.

  1. We can just call up our teacher who we feel has made a great impact on our life. Talk about how the things have changed for you and how she/he has impacted your life. 
  2. If you don’t have their contact number or have lost touch then get on social media and try to find them. Send them a message there. 
  3. If you stay in the same city then visit your old school. Reminisce. Talk to your old teachers and just have a conversation.

Teachers don’t really need grand gestures but only validation that they have changed one’s life for good. Losing the way in darkness is very easy but showing the way to light is what truly makes the difference. And that is precisely the premise on which our society is based. That’s what all of us aim to do. When you talk to anyone about their childhood, school memories then these prominent figures do come to our mind. But do they know how cherished their memory is for us? How their presence has made an impact. This teachers day just make a resolution to get in touch with at least few of your teachers. It will make a difference. All their sacrifice was not for nothing. Their continued dedication, perseverance deserves more. 

We are born in a nation where teachers are given the status of guru next to God. A land where Eklavya cut his thumb for his guru out of the respect he had for him. In this 21st century, I am sure that we can at the very least acknowledge the impact they have had in our lives and thank them for it.  I am sure it makes their day and yours.