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Fri, 17 Dec, 2021

Raising a Self-Sufficient Child: 7 Effective Tips

Raising a self-sufficient child is every parent’s dream because who wouldn’t want their child to become independent? But to make them independent and develop self-sufficiency skills, you need to start young.

Today, we are here to help your child learn to be self-sufficient with seven effective tips. Read on to find out more.

7 Ways to Grow Self-sufficiency Skills in Your Child

1. Give Them Opportunities

Start the process of raising a self-sufficient child by searching for tasks that they can do independently. You can give them age-appropriate simpler household chores, such as folding the laundry, placing their plates in the sink after dinner, or setting up the dining table.

Giving them such small household chores will add responsibilities to their shoulders and help them learn to be self-sufficient.

2. Encourage Problem-solving & Decision-making Skills

These are the two most important life skills for children. Whenever your child is in any trouble, and you know they can solve the problem without your guidance, let them do it. Spoon-feeding your child will add no value.

When your child conflicts, encourage them to decide logically and solve problems accordingly. This will help them become more self-sufficient.

3. Be Patient

It takes great patience to sit back and let your child do the assigned tasks. Even simple chores can take your child an eternity to finish.

If you stay patient, it will give your child more scope to learn to be self-sufficient. By being more patient, your child can gain independence and raise self-esteem.

4. Don’t Run Behind Perfection

Your child will not do chores on your level of perfection, and you have to be completely fine with that.

Their first obstacle will be completing tasks to be more self-sufficient. Perfection will come along once they make it a habit.

5. Be Their Guide, Not a Handler

You need to recognise that your child is an individual, not your mini version. You should not control their life. Be their guide, not their decision-maker.

Let them choose for themselves. This way, the neurons in their brain will spark up to make decisions for them and make them self-sufficient.

6. Teaching Practical Life Skills

A parent won’t rest until they prepare their child for life’s difficulties. One way to get started with this is by teaching them basic practical life skills, such as cooking and cleaning. These skills come in handy to make your child self-sufficient by not depending on any household helper or a machine.

We are not saying that you need to train your child to become a top-notch chef but involve them in the cooking process. You can do this by letting them rinse the vegetables and clean the dishes.

7. Don’t Overwhelm Them

Once you have identified a few tasks for your child, introduce the concept of self-sufficiency to them slowly. Tackling too many tasks at once can be overwhelming and discouraging for your child.

Also, ensure that you assign them some simple tasks initially and not burden them with sudden responsibilities. Simpler tasks will make them succeed, and success will boost their self-esteem.


If you invest time and effort while letting go of perfection, your child will become more capable, responsible, and independent. Apply these strategies and raise a successful kid.