Tips to restart your career after a break

Fri, 25 Aug, 2017 by Sita Prasad

An idle brain is a devil's workshop. Sitting idle is surely a bane for a person who has worked for few years or planned to do so. Being in a big city and maintaining a nuclear family is a hurdle in the lives of many who want to take up a full-time job. Looking after kids or parents without any external help renders the ladies to quit their jobs. 

Even in India, many women take a sabbatical after starting a family on the pretext of child care which can't be ruled out. With the quality of life demotivating due to stress, population, pollution etc. Women are preferring to stay home rather than taking stressful jobs. The jobs too are tiring and competitive which drain out your vigor and energy. But it is never too late to restart in life. Especially if you are skilled, talented and self-driven.

As you can see the world is changing fast and people are busier than before. Which creates a lot of scope for service industry like creches, day care center for the elderly, housekeeping etc. This surely is a need today as the youth is busy earning bread and butter and extra cream too. Also, the food industry is blooming with every other mom being a baker nowadays. Cakes, cookies, chocolates in all shapes and sizes customized according to the buyer's needs and home delivered too, what more does one expect. I recently heard about an entrepreneur who wants to start a chain of hundred kitchens. His aim is to cater to people who don't have time to cook breakfast in the morning like bachelors or working couple and also the elderly who live all by themselves.

Secondly, service jobs like maintaining the house for the working as well as the homemakers is a good option. As I have seen many are unable to maintain their homes hygienically clean. 

The new fields which are cropping up are that of crochet making, handicrafts. My friends have become entrepreneurs through discovering their skills and by following the trend of online marketing. The various other fields include upgrading the technical skills in the medical field and go for nursing, dietitian, laboratory technician etc. There are many background jobs available in the medical field like in laboratories, hospitals etc which are evergreen. Content writing, tutoring, blogging are such opportunities which anyone can pursue at any age if he/she has the talent and knowledge and these provide a creative edge to your mind and personality. Tutoring is surely blooming due to fast changes in education and increased the anxiety of parents to keep them up to mark for future. 

Online sales and marketing have also increased multifold. Also, recreational activity center for kids like story telling, robotics, personality development, language skills development, drama, music etc has seen a boom recently. 

Latest lifestyle health issues are prompting people to stay healthy with extra efforts and people need fitness trainers be it gym, yoga, power yoga or Zumba there are train the trainer opportunities. You can always restart with teaching in a school if you have good qualification and zeal to help students.

Where there is a will there is a way, if one can spare time and is motivated he/she can take up farming with little investment and earn good results. It is a progressive work helping one and many. You will be contributing to the environment. If not farming, gardening too is a serious start up with good benefits.

There are various companies which help a person to start something on his own and also the companies rehire the staff which takes a break. Slowly people are realizing that work of any kind is good if done with good intention and dedication. 

For restarting a career the main ingredient is zeal and commitment. Without being a hard worker one cannot gain success in anything. So it's necessary to reinvent goals, look for brighter ideas, meet new people, network with good friends and have an aim to achieve what you want in life. 

 In the last decade, the job portals have picked up a lot so you have a support system which provides the idea and chance to work where you want.

The jobs are many, the fields are unlimited, online opportunities too a lot, so why not restart and relive the moments of toil which will yield perks in the form of satisfaction and money. Being productive to serve others and being self-reliant is the key to happy living. 

- Sita Prasad

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