Why seek an office job when you can work from home through PlanetSpark?

Thu, 07 Sep, 2017 by Sita Prasad

As the PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi's quote goes. Today's women are always in conflict while working or otherwise. On one hand the settlement of life with marriage, kids and family responsibilities and on the other hand career dreams which tempt oneself to attain new heights. It has never been easy to maintain work life balance, but today's world is far more practical and open to numerous opportunities for everyone. With dignity of labor in your hands, no job is better or worse. It's up to your passion and dedication what you choose and how you achieve your goals. The new startups nowadays around the world are encouraging more and more people to choose to work in a flexible time framework rather than 9-5 jobs. One such opportunity is that of a teacher with PlanetSpark. 

1. It's a part-time opportunity to work from home where you build a small planet of learning to help the pre teens in English and Maths. The teachers are handpicked, trained and transformed into entrepreneurs by PlanetSpark.

2. The students are taught through unique STEPS methodology designed by PlanetSpark.

Being a teacher to help students in the right direction, to help them overcome their hurdles in education is an age old practice. As there are schools there have been academies or tutorial points too. There are home tuitions which are popular in Gurgaon. But PlanetSpark takes all the credit of starting after school classes for young learners who are taught by Mompreneurs. These Mompreneurs are the trained teachers who have partnered with PlanetSpark.

The teachers have special support from PlanetSpark team to understand their Hi-tech curriculum and use the games and aids for the students. Teaching part-time at one's convenience and working from home surely is an advantage as a person can manage many other chores simultaneously. 

Full time working parents have a constant complaint of not being able to attend their family much to the requirements, especially the youngsters. Due to the urge to work and the burden to earn for living they leave for jobs and get busier. But the young generation which is more intelligent, active and grasping than before misses out that care. This can be provided by the responsible, smart and compassionate teacher partners of PlanetSpark.

When learning is enjoyable it is visible in the sparkling eyes of the learner. So that is the driving force for a teacher and student at PlanetSpark. 

What's required for a person to contend? A good job, a family and most essentially time, Why seek an office job when you can work with PlanetSpark part time? Why toil from dawn to dusk and look forward to a day when you could give time to your loved ones? 

If you want to have both time and money with a satisfaction of helping someone, then you should look for opportunities like working from home, entrepreneurship, freelancing and last but not the least teaching with PlanetSpark.

Seldom do people realise the importance of helping others, when you help a bud bloom, when you bring a smile on a child's face, when a parent thanks you with moist eyes for helping the young one to learn about something new easily, you are surely thanking your stars to select you for this task. Yes, a teacher is surely someone who teaches with reverence and gets the same back.

So dear homemakers why seek an office job when you can do wonders from home through your learning planets of Planet Spark? Just stick to your dreams and help the young learners to move ahead in life with right concepts, confidence, and smiles on their faces.

- Sita Prasad

Become a Teacher Partner with PlanetSpark.

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