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Wed, 23 Aug, 2017

Working from home - A fast growing Indian job market

In ancient times people used to travel for work. Be it artisans, traders or literary scholars. It is eminent through history how foreign artisans built the Taj, how Akbar, the great Indian emperor, entertained the foreign poets. The labour was quite more than the perks received. The transport facilities were meager. The work conditions like availability of tools and the infrastructure wasn't very impressive. Still they did their best to leave a mark behind.

Till late twentieth century travelling for work was considered a privilege. People who travelled to other countries for work were considered better and people used to commute long distances for work. But with the advent of internet there is a big revolution in the way people are working and spending their time. Today we breathe through net and even sleep too. Social Networking and social apps have provided not only the platform for leisure time spending and getting connected to friends but also are providing a platform for jobs. Gone are the days when commuting long distances for a preferable job was considered the best. Though majority of people are still doing so, there is a considerable increase in people working from home. Many multinational companies are providing the work from home option for the employees. Also till a few decades ago work was available only as full-time with less remuneration. 

However internet has made our earth a global village where we can enjoy our work sitting anywhere with just a click of a mouse or tapping a key. Even India has picked up this trend and being second most populous country in the world a lot of man force working from home is surely a fast growing Indian job market. There are many qualified males and females who would like to spend quality time and earn extra perks. Especially women after starting a family either are on sabbatical or not willing to take up jobs which demand their time and effort. In spite of being qualified they have to sit idle as there aren't many opportunities to work part time or flexible work timings. The companies demand  regular 9-5 working hours, which becomes a hassle for mothers. Some of the European countries aced a survey report on happy families because there nobody sits idle and that is due to the flexible job opportunities. With the increase in demand of jobs the companies too are looking forward for the man force which can work part time or is flexible and hence their maintenance cost is reasonable.

Jobs like content writing, medical transcription, teaching online, blogging etc. are available online. Recently, I saw psychotherapists too available online. Online cooking classes, yoga classes and what not. Freelancing is a boon for many as they can try new kinds of work and increase their income.

Many entrepreneurs have made their mobiles and laptops their selling sites and marketing media. Few of my friends are either entrepreneurs or freelancers who utilise the technology to the maximum extent to earn their living, by fulfilling their passion. Working from home at one's own convenience and being able to deliver quality product to the client is surely not an easy job. It needs dedication and discipline like any other job. But it is surely rewarding because it saves time and resources by not commuting much. The service industries like daycare for kids, play schools or training centres and hobby centres are blooming and still there is a huge dearth.

In India, the cities are so overpopulated that people are getting tired of commuting and also meeting the hectic schedules and deadlines. Working from home is an easy and relaxed solution to many major issues like saving petrol, congestion on roads and above all time management.

Today is the foundation of tomorrow's fast changing world and working from home is surely a stepping stone for India.

- Sita

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