Creative Education Blogs Writer

LOCATION: Work from home
JOB_TYPE: Part time
EXPERIENCE: 5 to 20 years

Job Description

The content writer will be writing articles/blogs that are of interest to Parents. The topics should be of use to the parents of Standard1st to Standard 7th Graders. The commercials will be Rs 1000 for four articles (750 to 1000 words per article). For example, we can use the following five major broad themes for the articles: -

  • Emerging trends in education / 21st century education
    • How to develop your child into a critical thinker from early age?
    • What are 21st century skills and why are they important?
    • What is experiential learning?
    • Why is project based learning gaining popularity?
    • Why is game based learning the best educational tool?
  • Parenting
    • Ideas for a wholesome school lunch for kids.
    • How to inculcate the reading habit in kids?
    • Understanding you child's spike
    • How to balance school and extra curricular for your child?
    • Is your child being bullied?
    • How to be a confidant to your child?
  • Extra-curricular
    • Which musical instrument will be best for my child?
    • What are the different extra-curricular activities available for my child?
    • Ideas for home based craft activities with kids.
    • 7 'Best Out of Waste' activities to do with your kids.
    • What are the best science project kits available for middle school?
    • 10 ideas for a wonderful science project.
    • Best crafts classes in Gurgaon
    • Best apps to help your kid learn a language.
    • How to find the best fit sport for my child
  • City Guide
    • Best recreational parks in Gurgaon
    • Best sports academy in Gurgaon
    • Top book stores in Gurgaon
  • Getting the best out of your child
    • What are the tools that I can use to know my child better?
    • More psychology related articles


Company Profile

PlanetSpark is a highly engaging and powerful after-school mathematics learning program for pre-teen kids that is delivered by qualified homemakers (or Mompreneurs) from their homes.

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