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Combination of Expert Teachers, Engaging Teaching Content and Powerful Technology delivers an engaging and immersive experience for kids where they can truly enjoy learning.


Engaging Teaching Content
Game-Based & Self Paced Learning

Powerful Technology
App Based Learning & Tests

Expert Teachers
Highly Qualified Mompreneurs

PlanetSpark Content

Teaching Content

  • Highly Engaging

  • Rigorous Practice

  • 100% Aligned to School

  • Easy to Olympiad Level

1500+ Scientifically Designed Worksheets

Highly engaging and extensive self-learning modules that students use during PlanetSpark Classes to learn and master the concepts. These are completely aligned to the child’s school curriculum and are structured in the framework of our World Class Teaching Methodology i.e. the STEPS methodology.

PlanetSpark Content
PlanetSpark Content

300+ Immersive Learning Games

Immersive learning games, with elements of surprise and wonder, on all concepts of Maths and English to make children fall in love with learning. The games are completely aligned to the topics covered in the corresponding student worksheets and make children highly engaged with what is being learned!

Aesthetically designed physical learning
Spark Boxes:

  • Mental Maths
  • Abacus
  • Vedic Maths
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Spellings
  • Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • PlanetSpark Content
    What is PlanetSpark?

    Our Teaching Methodology

    PlanetSpark is a scientifically designed English and Math program, exclusively for pre-teens kids and aligned with the school curriculum.
    The program is based on our proprietary STEPS Methodology (Spark Think Explain Practice Share) that ensures a very strong foundation for conceptual understanding.

    Powerful Technology

    Byte size learn and practice modules:
    Even assessments are part of the grand gamified learning journey.

    Dr. Spark - Learning Analytics:
    A regular comprehensive learning report for the Parent and Teacher alike to assess the focus areas and improvements.


    Mobile Based Learning Games:
    Specially designed Learning Games so that the child can learn while keeping his/her screen time.
    Educational Videos:
    Video based learning lessons for detailed explanation on topics. Students love to see these videos during the class to help them gain mastery on these concepts.

    PlanetSpark Parent App

    Download PlanetSpark Parent App to track your child's performance, view reports and classroom updates, update the learn plan, chat with Teacher and PlanetSpark Support, pay fees online and much more.

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    Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality Adventures

    India's first Virtual Reality(VR) based educational product to immerse children in theme based Virtual environments and make learning English and Math fun like never before!

    That's not all. We also have:

    • SMS updates on Attendances

    • Regular Online Assessments

    • Comprehensive Analytics

    • English & Maths Buddy for doubts

    Expert Teachers

    PlanetSpark teachers are certified experts in Maths and English and are extensively trained on our World Class Teaching Methodology i.e. The STEPS Methodology. The Teachers provide a great learning experience in an enabling and fun learning environment which is like a "home away from home" next door for the Parents.


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