What does a Teacher do at Planet Spark?

Sat, 15 Jul, 2017 by Kunal Malik

Well, Let’s help you understand the exciting and fulfilling role of a Planet Spark Teacher Partner.

A Typical Planet Spark Teacher is a Smart and Well Qualified Teaching Expert with Great Personality, Communication Skills and a Passion for Teaching children. In Planet Spark Programme, she gets Trained and Certified by Planet Spark and starts her own Learning Center from her home!

She plays 3 Important Roles as a Planet Spark Teacher Partner. These are that of a:

A Mentor, A Learner, and an Entrepreneur

Let us take a closer look at each of these three roles starting with the role of a Mentor.

As a Mentor

-    She teaches Maths and English to Children in an engaging and exciting way
-    While she does that she ensures and brings about great learning outcomes for the children
-    Students see her as a Coach who makes them become self-directed learners
-    She provides constant feedback to Planet Spark on the Progress of the Students
-    And finally, She understands and uses Planet Spark Technology to ensure Student Assessments and other operations

Overall, in this role, she is like a true Mentor for the children and helps to develop and shaping up young minds. Now, let's move on to the second role that she plays. Planet Spark teachers are also Learners themselves. They undergo Planet Spark’s training programs and builds her own capability.


In the Role of a Learner,

-    She undergoes Planet Spark Inspirational Teacher Programme, The ITP. This is an induction program designed to give her a Flying Start to her Planet Spark Journey
-    She learns and gets trained on Planet Spark Teaching Methodology, The STEPS Methodology
-    She gets fully immersed into Planet Spark Mission, Vision and Value System
-    She attends Online Training Webinars planned by Planet Spark for her development
-    She spends time learning and fully adopting Planet Spark Technology
-    And finally, she is always open to learn and change or improve her teaching style

Overall, as a true Learner, she puts in a lot of preparation time on her own development to teach children effectively and impact fully


Moving on, Last but not the Least, She plays the role of an Entrepreneur.

As an Entrepreneur,

-    She takes Initiative and is fully involved in Marketing her Learning Planet. She doesn’t hesitate to reach out to parents.
-    She regularly engages with her Planet Spark Account Manager. The Account Manager is dedicated to working very closely with her to help her grow her center
-    She spreading the word in her local networks and circles
-    She coordinates and Liaisons with her enrolled Parents as a Planet Spark representative
-    Run your Planet Spark center with full accountability

Overall in this role, she works like a true Entrepreneur and seeks to actively grow her learning Planet.

Please take a closer look at these three roles again!

To summarize, 

A Planet Spark Teacher Partner is a Mentor, Learner and an Entrepreneur Rolled into one. With 24x7 Planet Spark support on Teaching Content, Marketing, Training, and Technology, she weaves MAGIC and transforms herself into a True MOMPRENEUR, ready to change the education landscape around her!

If this is something which excites you and inspires you, become a teacher partner with us.

Kunal Malik
Co-Founder, Planet Spark

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