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Tue, 21 Dec, 2021

10 Good Habits to Teach Your Kids

Children are easily influenced by their surroundings. Hence, it is crucial to teach your child good habits at a young age.

Importance of Healthy Habits in Kids

Habits define a person and their personality, making it necessary to develop good habits in kids. Good habits are your child’s first step towards setting a healthy foundation and heading towards success. To act upon its importance, we have compiled a list of must-have healthy habits in your child.

10 Healthy Habits for Kids

1. Establishing a Routine

Start developing good habits in kids from a young age by slowly getting them accustomed to a set routine. Sticking to a routine will make your child disciplined.

2. Performing Physical Activities

Do not get your child comfortable with an inactive lifestyle. Educate them about the adverse effects of being lazy, which include:

  • Obesity
  • Sleeping troubles
  • Emotional and social problems
  • Attention disorders

Hence, encouraging them to workout is essential. Start with walks or send your child to play outdoors. You can even plan daily outdoor activities, such as playing badminton or tennis with your child for an hour. This will get them accustomed to physical activities.

3. Cleaning Mess

You can develop the habit of cleanliness by providing an organised environment to them, encouraging them to keep things orderly. Once they grow up, they can assist you in cleaning up the mess and place everything appropriately.

4. Becoming Responsible

A smart and successful kid takes responsibility. Whether it is about money or owning up to their mistakes, being responsible is necessary for a child’s development.

You can set age-appropriate tasks that your child can do on their own. This will add the responsibility of completing the task to their shoulders.

5. Washing Hands Before Eating

Washing hands before and after eating is a good habit to develop in your child. Let your child know that washing hands before eating will prevent common diseases like flu, cold, and other infections. Also, teach them the correct technique of washing hands.

6. Reading Books

Reading opens a treasure box of knowledge, developing your child’s vocabulary and literary skills. Therefore, inculcating reading habit into their routine is necessary.

7. A Bedtime Routine

Children should follow a minimum of eight hours of sleep time for their development. To complete this sleep cycle, set a bedtime routine where you should make your child sleep early so they can wake up early.

8. Healthy Eating

Kids are more fascinated with fast food, chips, biscuits, and chocolates. It is not their fault since the taste drives them towards it. But you cannot let them rely on an unhealthy diet.

You need to make your child believe that home-cooked food is equally tasty and healthy. Educate them on the benefits of eating more homemade and healthy food.

9. Punctuality

Since time is money, you need to teach your child its value. Teach them the proper use of time, the benefits of following a daily schedule, and being punctual.

You can show punctuality by attending family events on time. As your kids see you being punctual, they will grow up to involve these habits in themselves.

10. Active Listening

To learn something, your child will need to listen carefully. Hence, developing the healthy habit of active listening will go a long way in your child’s development process

Bottom Line

You must have heard the phrase, “practise what you preach.” Therefore, to develop these good habits in your child, you must first start practising them yourself.