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Wed, 05 May, 2021

Fun English Learning Games to Help Your Child Get Started

English learning games


Adding fun to learning is an excellent teaching strategy. Developing speaking, listening, and vocabulary skills through English learning games benefit children's speech and communication skills. It further enables them to focus more proficiently on and process information. Games allow children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, skill, and physical, cognitive, emotional strength and are essential for healthy brain development. Games help children learn the art of engaging and interacting with the world at a young age. This list of games for kids features conversation and early literacy word games that you can play with just pencil and paper.

English Speaking and Listening Games

  • Bingo

    Draw a square grid on a page and choose a theme. Write out some words using the article. This fun word game for kids will help you read and read aloud. Make additional copies of the words and make sure there are fewer than the number on the page. Cut it into squares, fold and place in a bowl. Take one word in turn, read it aloud, and find one on your side. The first person to see all the words calls bingo and is the winner.

  • Colour Me Carefully Collaboration

    This Color Me game is excellent for combining speaking and listening skills. Your students can play the game in pairs, with the players separated by dividers. There are a speaker and a listener. Before the game starts, the speaker colours the sheets. The goal is that the listener produces work that is almost identical to the speaker. It helps to learn communication and teamwork

Vocabulary and Grammar Games

  • Word Search Puzzle

    You and your child can create word search puzzles on topics such as birds or animals. It can be more fun if your child chooses a time limit. In the end, whoever finds the most words wins the prize.

  • Charades

    This is a classic party game and great for practising English. On a deck of cards or a piece of paper, write down the vocabulary you want to memorize - verbs and nouns are suitable for this game. Now shuffle the documents and take turns playing word for word while the other people in the group try to guess which word you are acting on.

  • Word Family Game

    Children must rhyme for this game. Pick one word, and each person must write as many words as possible that rhymes with that word. This is a great word game to improve children's vocabulary and improve their language skills.

  • Words Within a Word

    In this word game, children have to make up their own words. First, choose a very long word with at least 8-10 letters. The longer, the better. This word game aims to make a list of small dishes from the letters of a long word. This is a fun word game that will improve children's spelling skills.

English Reading Games

  • Spot the Wrong Spellings

    Children must remember spellings as much as they learn to compose them. It can be fun to play spot the incorrect spellings. This makes the child feel like a teacher and can be done with a red pen to make it even more fun. Write paragraphs using correct and incorrect spelling combinations based on the child's age and reading ability. Please give them a red pen to mark mistakes.

  • Read Alternate Lines of a Story Aloud

    This is a fun game that will help you connect and make it easier for your child to read. Reading the exact text aloud and rereading it helps improve language proficiency. How to play - choose a magazine or fun reading material, and you read one line and then let the child read the following line.

  • The Treasure Hunt

    Let your child understand how reading is an integral part of their life rather than turning reading into a job. Hide his toys or even new toys and some chocolates or gifts in different parts of the house. Write a simple sheet of paper on a sheet of paper for these points. Even a simple line like "Where do you water the plants?" It could be enough. Have your child read aloud, answer, and then find the hidden object.

English writing games for kids

  • Unscramble the Words

    Simple word game for kids to make them think! Write a list of words on paper, but combine letters as you type. Children have to look at the letters and try to make up words and recognize them. This can be a pretty competitive pun, but it does help get your mind ticking.

  • Write your Favourite Song

    Children must learn to process sounds accurately to read correctly. This can be a fun activity if you sit back and read the lyrics to your favourite song while listening to it. Understanding the meaning of new words and understanding the text can go a step further.

  • Vocabulary Challenge

    This is a game suitable for children who can write comfortably. Give your child a new word and explain its meaning. Now ask them to write a sentence using the word they just learned. If you have time, let your child write a complete story about this new word.

With a variety of educational games, your child will have a blast, building skills. These games will help your child practice the skills they need to succeed and learn the positive experience they hope to continue. Your child will love playing for points, winning games, and getting high scores, and you will love watching their knowledge grow as they begin their lifelong learning. Play this fun and simple game to improve your child's reading skills today.