5 Sure-Fire Tips to Improve Your Child’s Memory

Child's memory power

Children’s memory plays a huge role in building a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Not only does memory help kids perform well academically, but it also helps them learn various skills faster, preparing them for the challenges of the 21st century. This is the reason parental involvement becomes a necessity for brain development in children.

If you’re wondering how to improve a child’s memory, you are at the right place. In this article, you will read about how to boost memory power and make learning a highly efficient process for your child.

Let’s begin with understanding the types of memory.

Short-Term Memory: Short-term memory helps understand and remember new information to work on the task at hand.

Long-Term Memory: Long-term memory is more permanent, which helps children understand topics in detail and remember them for a long time.


Children who have a weak memory often struggle to perform at school and also find it difficult to understand concepts. But the good news is that it can be improved. Read on for tips on how to increase memory power.

Encourage Children to Ask Questions

You can’t remember things if you don’t understand them. So, make sure your child thoroughly understands topics they study by encouraging them to ask questions. Every question will be a cue for you that they are taking an interest and would like to learn more. This way, you can fill in the gaps exactly in the way children understand.

Moreover, it has been proven that asking yourself questions and answering them improves recall memory and, therefore, makes it easier to remember information. So, every time you teach a new concept to your child, encourage them to form questions as well as answer themselves from what they understood.

Create Rhymes and Songs

Sometimes, rhymes and poems stick with us for a lifetime. A renowned cognitive scientist David Rubin revealed in his book ‘Memory in Oral Traditions’ that information with rhyming words is easy to remember. But this isn’t a new concept; learning through rhyming words and remembering the sound structures has been an age-old practice and is termed acoustic encoding. So, try to break information and create singsong patterns so that your child can remember it and recall when asked.

Create Mind Maps Together

Creating mind maps is an effective memorisation technique in which children create a visual sketch of their ideas as well as the existing ideas to understand them better. It helps in establishing a connection between information and understanding its flow. This further helps in creating a lucid thought process that is easy to recall whenever needed.

Work Out Patterns

Creating patterns requires going through text repeatedly and categorising information based on its nature, which gives memory a major boost. Moreover, patterns help associate information with images, sounds, or an emotional feeling, which makes recalling information so much easier for kids. So, whenever you’re teaching your child, make sure to help them understand patterns.

Improve Brain Function With Super Foods

Children’s diets must include nutrients that promote brain growth. So, make sure you are extra cautious about what your child eats. Some of the superfoods for child brain development include nuts, seeds, peanut butter, whole grains, greens, fish, beetroot, apples, dark chocolate, etc. Keep a check on what your child consumes and also look for some interesting recipes so that they happily eat these healthy food items.

For everyone wondering how to increase memory power –boosting kids’ memory is not an overnight task. From the games they play to the food they eat, everything plays a role in sharpening memory power. So, do not keep asking your children why they can’t understand or learn concepts; stay patient and supportive.