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Mon, 17 May, 2021

How to Learn English Faster - Actionable, ”Do It Right Away” Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Learn English Faster

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Being fluent in English is a critical 21st-century skill that children must acquire as soon as possible. So, how to learn English faster is on every kid’s agenda, even at a very young age, and most teachers and parents of young children display a constant concern about this. While enrolling kids in professional classes may seem like a perfect solution, you can boost their growth even further with some super-effective English learning tips you can help them with at home.

  • Encourage Them to Watch English Cartoons and Movies

    A proven way of learning English for kids is implicit learning, which happens when they are not even trying. For example, when your child starts watching English television regularly, English sounds, words, accents, and grammar will keep registering in their brain automatically. Think of it this way – babies learn the language they listen to every day without any formal lessons and practice.

  • Encourage Active Note-Taking

    No matter how interesting a word sounds, your child will end up forgetting it if they do not actively take notes of new words to enhance their English vocabulary. So, encourage note-taking with a funky notebook that they can carry around. You can also paste sticky notes around the house, for example – on the refrigerator, cabinets, toys, etc., to make note-taking a fun activity.

    The trick here is to revise these words and use them in sentences to add them to the long-term memory.

  • Talk to Them in English

    Not just for kids, this is for everyone wondering how to learn English faster – there’s no substitute for practice. The more you practice, the better you get at communicating fluently in English.

    So, talk to your kids in English at home. This would create an enthusiasm for the language in them, and very soon, you will notice them naturally getting better at it.

  • Provide Them the Resources

    YouTube channels, podcasts, books – there are so many resources available today to help your child ace their English game. You can get books according to the difficulty level for structured English grammar lessons. You can also easily find resources online with detailed lessons on tenses in English. However, kids may find these lessons boring. So, make sure to practice with them so they can also understand grammatical structures in context.

  • Help Them Learn English Sounds

    You might have come across people who can read and understand English but look confused when hearing someone speak the language. This is because they are not familiar with English sounds.

    To avoid this, play English videos for your child every day to help them understand and get used to English sounds. You can try reducing the audio speed to help them understand the sounds better. Do this a few times and then start playing the videos at their original speed.

  • Help Them Learn Through Patterns

    While learning English grammar rules is important, many people tend to learn tenses in English better through patterns. For example – remembering a rule, such as “add ‘ed’ to change a regular verb to its past sense,” may be difficult. But observing and learning from a pattern may be much easier.

    An Example Pattern:

    • Want – Wanted

    • Learn – Learned

    Your child may find remembering this pattern easier since it demonstrates what a verb is and how it can convert to past tense by adding ‘ed.’

  • Sing English Songs and Recite Poems with Them

    Songs and Poems are powerful tools for kids to learn English since rhyming offers an incredible memory boost. Moreover, fun activities like this one would get them interested and involved in the language.

Make sure to follow all the tips above to help your child learn English faster. But most importantly, be patient with them. And if you feel like your kid needs more help, then there’s nothing to be worried about. At PlanetSpark, we have several online options that will suit your child’s needs and help them learn English faster.