Spoken English for Kids

Fri, 26 Feb by Kunal

Did you know that more than 65,000 languages are spoken globally? Out of these, English is one of the most spoken languages. It is the official language of 67 countries and a second spoken language in many other countries.

If this fact alone doesn't motivate you to enroll your child in spoken English classes for kids, here are 7 other reasons why your child should start to learn to speak English from an early age.

  • Builds Self-assurance & Confidence

    When you speak a language with accuracy, you become confident. If children learn spoken English from their childhood, they will become proficient in their adulthood. The group activities and various other exercises conducted in spoken English classes for kids make them self-assured. Which, in turn, helps them become more confident.

  • Provides Better Opportunities

    Maximum job vacancies come out with the requirement of fluent English speaking. Starting English classes from childhood provides your child with enough time to practice. Command over spoken English gives an edge on public speaking platforms like debates and quizzes. They can even go to international competitions if they can converse well in English.

  • Encourages Cultural Interaction

    If your kids study abroad, spoken English will serve as a bridge between them and other kids. If they are fluent in spoken English, they can understand other kids' cultures, thought processes, and interests better. They will grow up being aware of the existence of various cultures and societies.

  • Enhances Social Skills

    During the classes of spoken English for kids, many activities require them to communicate with their classmates. Group discussions increase their ability to converse and reciprocate with other people. Even during online spoken English courses, they improve their comprehension skills. The interactions during English speaking classes always put them in social situations. Thus their social skills get polished in these classes.

  • Access to Data & Information

    Scientific data, research, and good literature work are worldwide published primarily in English. It is the language of technology, as well. Kids are no more learning through pen, pencil, and paper only. They are widely exposed to learning through the internet and technology. Students need to be familiar with English to go along with the latest trend.

  • Boosts Communication Skills

    We live in a society where you need to know at least basic English speaking to command some respect. Knowledge of English grammar, punctuations, and vocabulary provides a platform to communicate with more people. Suppose people from different mother tongue are around your kids. They can communicate and respond appropriately to everyone in English.

  • Early Understanding of Profession & Business

    Internationally, the English language is used for business and trade. While learning English, a student gets familiar with numerous official and business-related terms early on. It helps them once they embark on the journey of making their career.

  • We hope it is clear to you that learning English speaking in the early years is a prerequisite of success.

    PlanetSpark offers exclusive spoken English classes for kids taught by our team of experienced & qualified teachers.

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