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Thu, 26 Aug, 2021

The Impact of Technology on Your Child's Present & Future

The impact of technology on children

Kids nowadays are surrounded by gadgets. Most families have laptops, tablet computers, and phones – that are easily accessible to children. It is not uncommon to see toddlers who know how to unlock a phone and operate apps. Research shows that the average 8–10-year-old spends up to eight hours of screen time per day (consisting of various media), while the screen time for teenagers is eleven hours per day. These numbers often prompt parents to ask if technology is bad for children.

The negative impact of technology on children is often discussed. Still, experts say that a restrained exposure to digital media from a young age also has some positive effects. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that technology has a positive rather than negative impact on our child's life.

Positive Effects of Children Using Technology

  • Augments Learning

    Technologies such as smartboards, document cameras, Apple TVs, and 3D printers have enhanced the learning experience for children in school. Technology enables children to take up creative assignments and introduces project-based learning opportunities for them. Such learning is critical for a kid's brain development.
  • Creativity & Collaboration

    Various apps and websites offer children a sandbox environment where they can build something new using their creativity. Opportunities for creative thinking for kids include writing stories, making films, editing videos, composing music, and animation. Apart from that, technology connects children with communities where people share the same interest. It allows them to share knowledge with others like them and learn better.
  • Building 21st Century Skills

    Children born in the 21st century are often categorized as 'digital natives'. Children who grow up with technology are likely to develop better technical skills from a young age. Active engagement with technology helps them understand concepts like programming, structuring, and the internet of things from a young age.
  • Preparing for Future Tech Careers

    With the rapid growth of technology, future career opportunities are likely to stem from technology. There will be significant demand for candidates with good tech skills. Children who grow comfortable with technology at a young age are likely to develop better technical skills that may be useful in the future.
  • Improved Multitasking

    Technology promotes multitasking among young users. Children who learn how to listen, type, and communicate at the same time are effective multitaskers. The skill may be instrumental in building a future career.
  • Visual-spatial Development

    Visual-spatial development refers to developing the ability to understand a bird's eye view in a virtual space and relate it to the real world. These skills help read maps, solve puzzles, etc. Children who play video games get a good development of visual-spatial abilities that can help them in future.
  • Improves Problem Solving & Decision Making

    Virtual reality games land children in different environments and sometimes other universes. In such games, the players are expected to solve survival problems and take quick decisions that can help them outlast their competitors. Quickly thinking to solve the issues and making decisions can lead to good personality development for kids.

Engaging your child with online learning apps can help them hone their technical, problem solving, and decision-making skills. Check out our learning app for personality development in children HERE.

How Can I Ensure that My Children Use Technology Appropriately?

  • Encourage Active Screen Time

    Active screen time refers to the time spent interacting with educational apps and programs related to skill development. On the other hand, passive screen time is the time spent watching videos for entertainment. Limit the sedentary screen time and introduce your kids to innovative learning apps.
  • Co-watch With Your Children

    Watching TV together with your children will not only enable you to spend time with them, but it also gives you the chance to monitor their screen time. Play educational games with your children and encourage healthy, fun competition!
  • Talk about Online Safety

    Discuss the concept of online safety with your children and tell them the importance of
    • Keeping personal information private
    • Understanding online advertising
    • Being mindful about in-app purchases
    • Interacting with online users, you don't know
  • Introduce Fun & Educational Games

    The internet is flooded with fun and educational apps, websites and games for young children. Explore the different apps available and choose wisely for your child, to help them practice the skills they need to learn. Such exposure improves the growth mindset for kids.

Keeping children and technology apart is impossible. Technology will impact the lives of children worldwide, whether we want it or not. Be mindful of the way your children interact with the internet and the time they spend with gadgets. Take steps to avoid excessive exposure and discuss the best ways to use technology to make your children aware of the negative implications. Talk to us about the impact of technology on children here. Call today!