6 Ways to Raise Resilient Kids

Tue, 19 Oct by Kunal

Do you often worry about the shortcomings of your kids?

Every child has some qualities and some weaknesses as well. A smart and successful kid has the power of resilience to keep improving and getting ahead of his or her own limitation. Resilience is a trait that inspires both adults and kids to bounce back from failures and accept new challenges without fear.

Need of Developing Resilience in Your kids

The good news is that resilience is a quality that you can develop in your kids. It helps them to recover from the feeling of disappointment, anxiousness, and insecurity. Resilient kids know how to handle failures and get on with life quickly. They feel confident and capable of winning any challenge.

6 Ways to Build Resilience in Children

It is tricky to develop resilience in your kids. You can’t directly help as it requires them to feel certain discomfort and difficulties. That’s how they will pave the way out of those difficulties through their critical and creative thinking. You can use the following 6 proven strategies to build resilience in your kids.

1. Let Them Resolve Their Problems Independently

As a parent, your first instinct is to help your kids. You need to change this approach now. Refrain from telling them the solution or helping them with any problem. Instead, probe them about the correct solution according to them. In this way, they will be compelled to think about the available options. Nothing is better than your kids overcoming challenges on their own.

2. Help Them in Understanding Their Feelings

Kids can only be resilient if they are not running away from their feelings. The complicated emotions like sadness, jealousy, insecurity etc., can intimidate them to their core. Tell them that feeling any of these emotions is perfectly normal. Also, reassure them that it is just a phase. They should know that the sad phase also passes like the happy phase pass in life.

3. Let Them Try New Things & Make Mistakes

Smart and successful kids who are resilient can never be failure avoiders. Encourage your kids to try new things to promote creative thinking in them. Let them know that they don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes while doing something new and innovative. In fact, mistakes are good for them, and they should take them as learning for the future.

4. Encourage Them to Take Calculated Risks

A calculated risk means pushing out of your comfort zone but not getting major harm if it went unsuccessful. Motivate your kids to attempt what they think is difficult for them, whether it is creative writing, acting in a school play, or anything else. Coming out of comfort zone often will promote a growth mindset in your kids.

5. Activate Their Problem-solving Skills

When your kids are facing any problem, do brainstorming with them. Don’t let them be nervous or frustrated. This will teach your kids that apart from being self-reliant, they can also ask for others’ help. But remember not to overpower them. Tell your kids that they are the captain of their ship and capable of coming out of any challenge.

6. Create a Productive Daily Routine for Them

Your kid’s everyday routine should be productive and result-oriented. Amongst all the academics and sports time, help them to take out time for creative writing, memory power exercises, board games, and critical thinking. Take your kids to social occasions so that they learn social skills and feel at ease in crowded places.


Kids look up to parents as protector, guide, caregiver, and their ideal. Thus you have the golden opportunity to build resilience in them in their growth years. Nothing can stop a resilient and confident kid from becoming smart and successful.

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