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Frequently Asked Questions

If your child is shy and reserved, they might resist public speaking opportunities. It will directly affect their overall growth in the future. You can improve their skills in the following ways:
1. Encourage your child to practice their speaking skills as much as possible.
2. Enrich their vocabulary by developing good reading habits. It will boost their confidence.
3. Ask them to write on the topics of their interest.
4. Refrain any punishment or insults. Give them a comfortable space for their growth.

A creative writing course is highly recommended for those children who are literature enthusiasts and wish to publish their literary works in the future. This course aims to enhance both the reading and writing skills of the learners. So, those who want to develop their reading habits are also encouraged to join this course.

You can enroll your child by simply entering some of their details and deciding what course you want to enroll for. Click here to enroll NOW!

The curriculum of every course at Planetspark is designed carefully considering the world’s current needs. Every course has great cognitive benefits to enhance children’s problem-solving skills effectively and respond to novel situations.

After joining a public speaking course,
Planetspark provides the best online training in English courses to the learners with innovative and simplified teaching methods. We use powerful technology and learning games to break down difficult concepts for easy comprehension. The curriculum of every course is infused with various individual and group activities for learners to practice their skills thoroughly.

Engage your child in discussions on various topics of their interest.
Yes, we believe in the active learning of the students. This is why every course at Planetspark is highly activity-based to provide ample opportunities for the learners to practice their skills effectively.