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Creative Writing Course Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Every writer’s journey starts with reading. Once you start reading great authors, your ideas will automatically start taking a creative shape. Also, to become a good creative writer in English, you need to get fluency in the language to express your ideas effectively. Before starting your writing journey, please make sure that you understand the purpose of your writing. If you are writing for your friends and yourself, you have full liberty, but please take care of their rules and writing style if you want to get published.

A creative writing course will sharpen your reading and writing skills. At Planetspark, our creative writing course curriculum is divided into two programs, reading comprehension and creative writing. Both of these programs are equally necessary to enhance creative writing skills. After joining this course, your child will be able to appreciate a piece of literature critically and generate ideas for their work.

To improve your child’s reading and writing skills, check out the following tips:
1. Maintain a regular reading habit in your child.
2. If they feel reluctant to read a book, you can start with something that interests them.
3. Give them topics to write about every day. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm them in the very beginning. Start with something easy.
4. Encourage them to start journaling or write about the latest trip they went to.
5. Letter writing to friends and cousins will also help improve writing skills in kids.

A creative writing course helps hone a child’s reading and writing skills. After joining this course, kids will be able to analyse a story or literary text effectively. They will gain awareness about different genres in literature, and with the help of various individual and group activities, the kids will generate ideas to write their own stories.

Creative writing course not only helps you write your stories, but it also helps you get effective at other forms of writing such as reports, emails, letters, etc. This course is also beneficial in improving grades in various subjects for kids. Every literature enthusiast should join this course—even those who want to develop their reading habits.

No, there is no specific eligibility requirement to join this course. We believe that every student learns at their own pace, so our instructors observe every student individually to record their progress so that they can devise a personalised learning journey for them.