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Frequently Asked Questions

Well qualified professionals with excellent written and spoken skills in English are encouraged to apply at Planetspark. The potential candidates will have to qualify for our PSAT examination to become eligible for teaching.

We expect our teachers to provide the best education to our learners. We look for candidates who have great communication skills in English and have the desired experience in the required field. The potential candidates have to clear our PSAT exam to become eligible instructors. Before teaching the students, the instructors have to attend rigorous training to provide the best value to our learners.

Planetspark believes in new and improved learning to provide the maximum benefit for the students. This is why we use innovative teaching methodology to give a great learning experience to our students. The teachers also get benefitted as they get trained for the next generation teaching methods.

The teachers are given a comfortable and creative space to flourish and provide the maximum benefit of our courses to the learners.

After joining a public speaking course,
As the learning mode is online, the teachers get to interact with their students through virtual mode. We have a personalised learning environment at Planetspark, so the instructors have to monitor every student individually.

Engage your child in discussions on various topics of their interest.
The instructors are expected to provide the maximum benefit of the courses to every learner. They have to monitor the growth and progress of every student individually and devise a unique learning journey for them according to their pace.