How PlanetSpark is working towards a better future

Wed, 13 Sep, 2017 by Anuja

What does any country in the world have that we don’t? Is natural resource the driving factor? If yes, then shouldn’t Africa lead in these terms? Japan realized the key and developed it. They grew from a war ravaged country, from a country where two a...

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What does a Teacher do at PlanetSpark?

Sat, 15 Jul, 2017 by Kunal Malik

Well, Let’s help you understand the exciting and fulfilling role of a PlanetSpark Teacher Partner. A Typical PlanetSpark Teacher is a Smart and Well Qualified Teaching Expert with Great Personality, Communication Skills and a Passion for Teachi...

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Our Mission at PlanetSpark

Thu, 22 Jun, 2017 by Kunal Malik

Let’s understand why PlanetSpark exists and what is the motivation behind the genesis of PlanetSpark Programme! PlanetSpark is on a mission to “Spark the Joy of Learning in Children”. We do this through our highly engaging and powerful learning...

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