How to make classroom more inclusive.

Mon, 04 Sep, 2017 by Anuja

There are generally two types of student behavior while entering the class. One pertains to finding the front seats and trying to pay full attention to the teaching. While the other aims at finding the last seats. The last bench gives these students t...

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Ideas for students for this Teacher's Day!

Mon, 04 Sep, 2017 by Anuja

I remember when I was in school we used to be so excited for teacher’s day. We would all contribute funds for the celebration, get cakes, gifts. We would also have skits and dance performances. With time I have come to realize that small things matter...

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What does a Teacher do at PlanetSpark?

Sat, 15 Jul, 2017 by Kunal Malik

Well, Let’s help you understand the exciting and fulfilling role of a PlanetSpark Teacher Partner. A Typical PlanetSpark Teacher is a Smart and Well Qualified Teaching Expert with Great Personality, Communication Skills and a Passion for Teachi...

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