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Jai Yaduvanshi



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I've done 32 sessions with PlanetSpark.

I'm in 8th grade and I've done 32 sessions with PlanetSpark. They do pay close attention to details, but there's a downside. If you're not ready for the next part, you have to take extra classes to learn more deeply. I had to do this for Pronunciation, needing 6 extra sessions. It's okay, but it can be a hassle.

Kanika Sahu



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I rate PlanetSpark's experience three stars as a teacher.

I rate PlanetSpark's experience three stars as a teacher. While there were some frustrations, such as not receiving feedback after giving my best in the interview and experiencing unresponsiveness, overall, there is room for improvement to enhance the candidate experience.

Jiya Khurana

Creative Writing Course


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my teacher, Ms. Maya Sharma, is really great.

I've had four classes so far, and my teacher, Ms. Maya Sharma, is really great. She makes learning fun and keeps going until I understand everything. I never feel bored in her classes. She encourages me to do better, and thanks to her, I feel more confident now. I'm happy my parents chose Ms. Maya Sharma's classes for me.

Awanit Singh,



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I had the pleasure of conversing with one of Planet Spark's esteemed mentors

I am Awanit Singh, an Advocate practicing at the esteemed Delhi Supreme Court. Recently, I had the pleasure of conversing with one of Planet Spark's esteemed mentors, Renu Gajendra. I must say, if every mentor at Planet Spark is as exemplary as Renu ji, then it truly is a commendable institution. My heartfelt blessings to Renu ji and the entire team at Planet Spark for their dedication and commitment to education.

Anand Jaiswal

Public Speaking Course


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I've been taking classes for about a month now

My name is Anand Jaiswal, and I've been taking classes with Ria Deshmukh at Planet Spark for about a month now. I've really enjoyed it. Ria is very calm and makes the classes fun. She helps us feel comfortable and encourages us to have a good time while we learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the trainers that we have at Planet Spark are highly quailed and hold years of experience in English communication and other skills. So, your child will be in good hands no matter which trainer we assign to them. At first, the trainer will be assigned from our end. If your child faces a genuine issue, then we can help you with another trainer. You can check the teachers’ reviews HERE! Also, check out the various PlanetSpark customer reviews to get a better idea for the future of your kid here at Planet Spark.

Yes, we have trainers and educators who hold certification in their respective fields along with years of experience to make sure that your child gets the chance to learn from them and make the most of their course at Planet Spark. Read more about our trainers and how much they help your child get better HERE at PlanetSpark reviews.

Yes, we have classes for personality development as well. With the help of this course, your child becomes confident and develops problem solving skills. You can take a demo session for the course as well before enrolling. You can click here to register for the course and start with filling your details. You can check out the parent reviews and kids’ reviews for the classes HERE!

Yes, you can click HERE to check out the various kids’ reviews that we have posted on our website. These PlanetSpark company reviews are posted by the kids who have previously taken classes with us or are still taking the course. We are sure that their experience with us here at Planet Spark and the PlanetSpark reviews we have will help you make the right decision.

If you want, you can directly begin with the course here. If you want, you can also book a free trial session and then proceed with the course by filling in the details of your child. You can also check out the various parents’ reviews that we have on our website posted by the parents of the kids who have taken classes from us. We are sure this will be helpful for you and help you make up your mind.

Yes, your kid can enrol for early morning classes for any of the courses. We have flexible timings so that your child can pick the time slot that works for them according to their own routine. They can access the classes from anywhere and at any time based on their convenience.

It is always noticed that what your child learns up to the age of 5 remains with them for the rest of their life like counting numbers, alphabets, and so on. That is why we recommend enrolling your preschooler as soon as possible because that is the best time for them to adapt to a new language and make it their own. You can check the preschooler kids’ reviews and parent reviews for Planet Spark classes HERE!